By Nicholas Eskey

This year at Comic Con International 2013, we were given a treat to have the South Park show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker make an appearance for a question and answer panel. Located in the 6CDE rooms, the two men sat down at the long table on the stage (oddly quite set apart from each other) and answered questions in their own funny, sarcastic way.


The panel began with large television screens blaring the cover art for the upcoming videogame, which was met with applause. The proctor upon taking the podium then announced that sadly Trey and Matt were unable to make it after all. Boos and profanity ensued until he said with a smile “ah I’m just kidding with ya. They’re here!” Instantly all negative sounds were replaced with cheers, and the two men entered from the right hand side.

“Okay,” first says co-creator Trey Parker once he’s sat down, with a tired expression. “Don’t ask any questions about the videogame, the t.v. show, or The Book of Mormon.”

The two creators of South Park have had much success in their television show and other ventures such as movies like Team America: World Police and The South Park Movie, and even a Tony award-winning Broadway show called The Book of Mormon (which is still on tour at the moment). Soon to be added to their list of achievements undoubtedly is the videogame in question aptly titled South Park and the Stick of Truth.

Next the audience was treated to a brand-new never before seen trailer of the videogame, featuring cut scenes that look like they belong in an episode of the show, and a peak at the attack system that is very much turn based. The game looks to be filled with wonderful show references, a long list of characters, a wonderful customization mode, and more. Epic cut scenes and music quicken pace, ending with one of the shows favorite characters, Randy Marsh, getting an anal probe in an alien spaceship screaming “Why, WHY!?”


A long line of questioners has formed, and so the creators dive right in to the answers (most of which are of a sarcastic nature). Matt Stone being more of the P.R. of the two, talked about the game (that Trey jokingly reminds no questions about) more in depth.

Matt reveals that the idea of another South Park video game first started around the first release of the current generation gaming consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360). “We felt that with the technology that was out now, it was doable” said Matt. There had been other South Park inspired video games done in the past, but none of which Trey or Matt had any creative input in. After seeing how “crappy” they were, the two decided not to allow another game until they could do it properly themselves. The idea for the style of game that would be made came mostly from Trey, who is a big Role Playing Game player. Over that last 3 to 4 years though, that’s where the brunt of the work for the videogame was done.

Trey Parker sighs at this and says depressingly, “That’s why I didn’t want to talk about the game.”

For those that didn’t know, the game was originally slated for holiday season last year, then moved to a more definitive date this last March. But after the videogame’s original publisher, THQ, went bankrupt, they sold the rights to the game to UBISOFT. There was even some rumor that South Park’s home network Comedy Central held the release of the game a little more because of some royal negotiations. The game is now slated for this November 19th.

After some hilarious questions from awkward fans, one of which was dressed like one of the show’s characters named “Towelie” (a walking-talking towel that constantly does marijuana) Trey Parker let’s on that for the focus of their game, they wanted to do something like the Bethesda title Skyrim. “Let’s do this! This is going to be easy!” he says reminiscing. 850 pages later, they have a working script for their game.

The game itself is going to be a massive, South Park fan affirming work of beauty. Every character was originally to make an appearance, but after seeing how much longer that would stall the release of the game, they creators had to do some major editing. “What about releasing that stuff later as DLC (downloadable content)?” asks a fan. “F$%& that!” says Trey to round applause. “I rather make what we cut into some [South Park] episodes.”

Because the show’s universe is so large as it is, Trey and Matt had a lot to pick and choose from. When the game releases, fans will be treated so some funny dialogue, crazy fighting, even songs from the show that they know and love. And from left field, Trey says “Chef’s in the game. There, I said it. He’s in the game. Really.” Chef was a large, African-American chef character in the show then voiced by the late singer Isaac Hayes. He was a big fan favorite.

If you’re already a fan of the show, this game looks to be a must. It will celebrate all that you know and love about it. New to the South Park universe? The adult humor and battle style will keep you playing for the laughs. Don’t be upset that the game has taken so long to come out. It’s the nature of the beast. Once its finally in your hands, just enjoy!