Okay, The Beatrix is on her way back from Sunny California, so we’re restocking the refrigerator, refilling liquor bottles, and covering the strawberry stains on the ceiling with a fresh coat of paint.

So, what’s still floating around in our data banks?  All sorts of interesting stuff which seems to have been overlooked while Hollywood was in town!

Like a $200 pack of trading cards.

There are just four cards in each pack, but they all pack a punch! First fans will receive a premium base card on thick card stock from the 50-card base set numbered to just 99 copies. Next they will receive a one-of-one sketch card from top Marvel artists. The third card is an industry first where collectors will find a dual, triple or quadruple hinged sketch card. These are really remarkable trading cards and we will be releasing images of them soon. The fourth card will be either a “Classic Corners” card, a Shadowbox card or an “Emotion” booklet card by Jason Adams and NAR!

Are those cards worth $50 each?  $10,000 to collect the whole set (if you don’t get duplicates!)  What would an unopened pack (one of a calculated 5000) be worth years from now?  Basically, Upper Deck is offering nothing but premiums in each pack, which isn’t a bad marketing ploy.  Of course, the only way to surpass this would be to offer a single card set of 5000 cards, and let someone try to acquire the entire set (or subsets).  Maybe take that sixteen-square-foot “Marvel Universe” poster and cut it into cards.  Or commission a newer version, perhaps done on art boards, and cut those up into smaller squares… sort of a sketch card and collector card all in one.  Print the art in blue pencil, and have artists finish the artwork, signing the back of each card.

Hmmm…. I wonder what the empty wrapper will be worth?

Top Cow announces five movie deals!

  1. The Darkness has a writer
  2. Manifestations to be a Digital-First Graphic Novel…And a Movie!
  3. Tracker–the Atlas Comics book by Jonathan Lincoln and Francis Teal-is being developed as a film
  4. Epoch was announced as a title that will be coming to film by Imagine Entertainment
  5. Bushido: Way of the Warrior, is being co-developed as a feature film produced by Adam Stone.

Guess who’s gonna play Lobo?

And also at the Con: Rust, My Friend Dahmer, Creepy are in development.  No.  REALLY.  I keep hoping for “The Cowboy Wally Show” and “Proposition Player”…  both could be made for less than $20 Million, easy.  Heck, shoot “Wally” on video, to make it seem even more authentic!

Slate sends Seth Stevenson to Comic-Con! (And he’s smart enough to seek guidance from a comics oracle.)

Margaret Atwood was at Comic-Con.  She took pictures!  (And she does comics.)  (And she even shows an old Halloween photo of herself!)

(I’m sad to say goodbye to Ray Bradbury, but I’m glad Margaret Atwood is still around!)

Legendary Entertainment acquires Nerdist Industry.

Costume play celebrity is all dressed up with plenty of places to go

Weird Al (in 2012) interviews Patrick Stewart (in 2011).

And while we’re at YouTube…  Here’s a sampling of videos shot at Comic-Con.

And that’s a wrap…  we now return you to our regular scheduled programming.