Handsome art, handsome books — Active Images never disappoints:

Has it really been a year since the ELEPHANTMEN cast and crew last descended upon San Diego Comic-Con with free issues, amazing deals on hardcover and softcover sets of ELEPHANTMEN books as well as free sketches by our talented Artists Assembled?!

Well, yes it has, but we’re BACK baby, with more books, more free single issues and more booth babes than ever before! Come by booth 2106 and get signatures and sketches from creator/writer Richard Starkings, artists Axel Medellin, Boo Cook (Saturday and Sunday only) and appearances by Moritat and Chris Burnham… as well as our CHARLEY 3 ROBOTS creative team John JG Roshell and Gabe GALVOSAUR Bautista! Get your picture taken with Miki and grab a J Scott Campbell/Nei Ruffino ELEPHANTMEN poster while stocks last!

Premiering at SDCC: ELEPHANTMEN volume 4 and the newly designed volume 2 in trade paperback form fresh off the presses!


  1. One thing I love about Active Images is their respect for the OCD. When they changed the trade dress of their Elephantmen collections, they kept the old trade dress printed on the boards, and offered new trade-dress dust-jackets for the older volumes. So anybody can have their collection in matching editions either way.

    It always kills my soul just a little tiny bit to walk past my shelf and have mis-matched volumes mock me. I know, it’s probably a sign of mental illness. But I appreciate Active Image’s willingness to cater to people like me!

  2. Biggest regret about having to miss SDCC this year: Not being able to tell Richard how awesome this years issues of Elephantmen have been in person.

    Not that having to wait to get my hands on vol. 4 is fun either…