Revvedsdcc-1Marc Silvestri, Seth Green, David Wohl, David Nakayama and a replica Mazda RX-8 from the book Revved liven things up in the Top Cow booth. There will be numerous convention exclusives available, as well.

Top Cow Productions heads to San Diego Comic-Con, with one of its biggest appearances yet!

Top Cow Productions storms this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International, with guest signings, exclusives, sweepstakes, lithographs, giveaways and more at booth #2045!

With an amazing list of guests (Marc Silvestri, Seth Green, David Wohl, and David Nakayama to name a few), Top Cow Productions will also be celebrating the #100 issue of Witchblade, as well hosting the world debut of Revved and The Innocents at Comic-Con! Also at the booth will be a replica Mazda RX-8 from the book Revved on display and sweepstakes to win the actual car from Revved.

In addition to all the events going on at the Top Cow booth, there will also be a Darkness theater at booth #2329, to showcase the upcoming video release of The Darkness, from 2KGames!! This will be a slam dunk, as The Darkness video game is one of the most highly anticipated video games coming out for all new platforms in March!!

With special lithographs, convention exclusives and sneak peaks at the upcoming Top Cow line-up, it’s definitely the place to be at this year’s Comic-Con!

Convention exclusives include:
a.. Art of the Witchblade Special
b.. Art of the Witchblade sketch cover
c.. Witchblade #99 convention exclusive
d.. Revved convention exclusive
e.. The Innocents convention exclusive

Signing schedule at the Top Cow booth # 2045 is as follows:

Thursday, July 20 – 9:45-7
10-1:00 – Ebas, R. Basaldua
12-2:30 – Revved – D. Nakayama, J. Hall, Blond, J.
2:30 – 4 – Innocents- D. Wohl, J. Badower
3 -5 – Witchblade – M. Choi, S. Oback
4:30 -7 – Pit Guys (F. Manapul, M. Choi, Ebas, R. Basaldua)
5:30-7 – D. Nakayama

Friday, July 21 -9:45-7
10-12 – Proximity Effect/COH – D. Nakayama, S. Tucker, D. Wohl, Blond
10-12 – Down -Cully Hamner
10-12 – Joshua Ortega – Necromancer
12-2 – Cyberforce: P. Lee, Dream Engine
12-2 – Innocents: J. Badower
2 – 3 – Witchblade: M. Choi, S. Oback
3-6 – Hunter-Killer: M.Silvestri, S. Firchow, J. Weems
4-6 – Revved: D. Nakayama, J. Hall, Blond

Saturday, July 22- 9:45-7
10:30-1 – Revved – J. Hall, Blond
12-2 – Revved- D. Nakayama
10:30-12 – Pit Artists ( Ebas, T. Kirkham, J. Starr, R. Basaldua)
11:30-12:30 – Top Cow/Freshmen Panel Room 8
1-2 – Freshmen : Seth Green, Hugh Sterbakov, Andrew Peopy, Leonard Kirk
11-2 Innocents: D. Wohl, J. Badower
2-4 – Amerikan Freak: Ahmet Zappa, Clay Sparks, Brendan Smith, John Leekly
2-3 F. Manapul (necro, WB), J. Ortega
3-6 – Hunter-Killer: M. Silvestri, S. Firchow, J. Weems
5-6 Amerikan Freak: Ahmet Zappa, Clay Sparks, Brendan Smith, John Leekly

Sunday, July 23 9:45 -5
10:30-12 Innocents: D. Wohl, J. Badower
12-2 – Cyberforce – Pat Lee, Dream Engine
12-2 Covenant -Tone, A. Coleite, G. Lauren
2-4- Ebas, R. Basaldua
2-4-Revved-D. Nakayama, Blond