Looks, here’s all the stuff we just didn’t have time to write up in its own items. It’s a big sloppy mess:
A woman is auctioning off ad space on her…forehead. How horrid.

Atomic Comics is tooling around San Diego with a van full of cartoonists.

Alex Ross!

Scott Morse

Jen Wang

Tara McPherson

Booth 5492
I will be at my booth most of the time doing sketches and signing things with the help of my lovely intern Lynn Greiveldinger.

Kozik and I will be doing a signing together Sunday the 23rd from 1-2pm at the Dark Horse Booth. We will have 75 advance copies of my Lonely Heart Art Book available. (The book doesn’t come out until September and is only available during this hour long signing!)

Jeff Smith signing schedule

I’m going to San Diego, California next week along with the rest of the cartooning tribe for the annual rite of passage we call Comic-Con International. I won’t have my booth this year, but I can be found at a couple of spots on Friday and Saturday:

Friday, July 21 @ The Diamond Comics booth from 2:30 to 3:30

Saturday, July 22 @ The FLIGHT PANEL from 12:30 to 1:30 in ROOM 9

Saturday, July 22 @ The FLIGHT Booth (No.1131) from 3 to 4

We made up an 11�x 17� poster of the new BONE: One Volume Edition cover to give away at the show. Stop by the FLIGHT booth or Comic Book Legal Defense Fund booth (No. 1930) to pick one up!

While you are at the CBLDF booth, peruse all the signed comic book goodies from Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Terry Moore, James Kochalka and lots of other good Americans. New this year are CBLDF Bone membership cards (a few hundred that I pre-signed), and a CBLDF Bone t-shirt.


as the near countdown prepares to begin for san diego
I write to tell you of the impending greatness that will be
present at the HELLCAR table fortunately located in the Small Press area at M8.

M8 a place that you will find many things of an Onion Head Monster, a Hubie the Dead Cow, a Mickey Death, a Furlington Mackelthwaite nature.

M8 where you can buy a fresh, new OHM pillowcase in the event that you find that your hotel pillowcases are infested with bedbugs or things the hotel tells you are bedbugs. These new OHM pillowcases are almost guaranteed to be bedbug free! This is new for 2006!

M8 where you can ask Silent E. Knisley about England.

M8 where you can find all-things all-HELLCAR.

M8 where we can give you directions to the true great bar of san diego, the Tower Bar where HELLCAR plans to do some true drinking at some point during the week. maybe you’d like to join us if you don’t have an aversion to 1970’s southern californian caveman soft-porn.

M8 which you can remember like a phonetic license plate.

Dave Roman

I’ll mostly be at the Cryptic Press/Take Out Comics table, which is R2 in small press alley (Aisle 1900). That’s where you’ll also find my insanely talented friends John Green, Marion Vitus, and Raina Telgemeier.

We’ll have a diverse sampling of comics, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, bookmarks and even videogames!

On the newer side, we’ll have a new limited edition Astronaut Elementary collection (semi-perfect bound!), my sketchbook collection called “No Life Drawing” and Life Meter, an anthology of videogame inspired comic art (which was recently praised by Nintendo Power magazine).

We’ll also have Volumes 1 and 2 of Jax Epoch, the complete set of Teen Boat, Marion Vitus’ auto bio series No In Between, and demo disks of Nearly Departed, John Green’s highly acclaimed “slacker zombie” point and click adventure game!

Raina will of course be selling her Baby-Sitter’s Club graphic novel, as well as a brand new mini-comic called “Earthquake Weather”.

I’ll also be spending some time at the Flight comics booth on Thursday and Friday. I have a story called “The Great Bunny Migration” in Flight Volume 3, which just came out a few weeks ago and is one of the coolest projects I’ve ever been a part of.

Ronin Studios

Ronin Studios (booth 2246) returns to San Diego with a bigger line-up and a bigger selection of titles. The Ronin booth will feature creators J. Andrew Clark (Scar Tissue), Dave Wachter (Scar Tissue, Fiendish Fables), Pat Loika (Path to Armageddon, Hotel California), Tim Loika (Path to Armageddon, Apocaliptian), Chris Maze (Path to Armageddon, Hotel California), Michael Woods (Low Orbit), John Culjak (Renaissance Man), Steve Zegers (Woof!), and artist Tanya Roberts.

We will be debuting Scar Tissue # 4, Path to Armageddon # 3, the Path to Armagedon sketchbook, and Woof! # 1 at the show. We are also offering art prints and accepting sketch commissions.

Randy Reynaldo

WCG Comics to Celebrate 15 Years of Publishing at Comic-Con
International: San Diego

WCG Comics, publisher of the long-running independent action-adventure comic-book series, Rob Hanes Adventures, will mark 15 years of publishing at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, scheduled July 20–23, 2006. The convention also is the publisher’s ninth appearance at
the show since 1993.

“The Comic-Con has played an important role in the success of Rob Hanes Adventures over the years, so I look forward to celebrating this milestone at the show,â€? said series creator and writer-artist Randy Reynaldo. “It’s become a tradition to debut a new issue of the series at Comic-Con, and I look forward to seeing many of the book’s longtime fans at the convention, and to meeting new ones.â€?

To celebrate the occasion, WCG will premiere Rob Hanes Adventures #9 and a special edition poster and print at the show. The company’s entire catalog of back issues also will be on sale, and a special coupon flyer that will be distributed at the Comic-Con will provide an additional 10 percent discount (the coupon may also be downloaded in advance of the show at http://wcgcomics.com/pressreleases/flyer_cci2006.pdf). A special sneak preview of issue 10 also will be available at the show.

Rob Hanes Adventures debuted in 1991 and is an all-ages action-adventure series that has been compared to Jonny Quest, Danger Girl, Young Indiana Jones, Tintin, and the work of classic adventure artists like Roy Crane, Milton Caniff, and Alex Toth. The title character is a globetrotting troubleshooter for Justice International, a worldwide private investigative and espionage agency. Many of the series’ storylines are inspired by real-life events. The series also is known for featuring self-contained “done in oneâ€? stories, allowing new readers to start the
series with any issue.

More recently, creator Reynaldo has begun expanding the breadth of the series, incorporating more humor and a wider variety of storylines and genres. For example, while issue 9, titled “Rescue in Koman,â€? is a classic action story in which Rob takes part in a daring rescue of a downed U.S. pilot being held hostage in the Middle East, issue 10 features a classic sports story: soon after going undercover on a minor league baseball team, he becomes more obsessed with scoring a hit than with solving his case!


  1. The “horrid” part of that auction is either:

    –that it is bidded up to $91

    –that the ad space is in an area where no one will look due to genetic deficiency.

  2. Could someone ask Jeff Smith how he’s progressing on his Captain Marvel story? Inquiring minds would like to know…