Profiles Baker Selfportrait BakerKyle Baker will be set up at San Diego selling cool books of edifying cartoons and bringing glee to to the populace. Schedule below.

Don’t miss Kyle Baker at Comic-Con International in San Diego this week, July 20-23!!!

Stop by Booth #1717, where Kyle will sign autographs, draw sketches, show pictures of his kids, and confound you with a stunning list of exciting Kyle Baker projects currently in the works (where does he find the time? We’d like to know, too.)

Kyle will also be selling lots of cool stuff, including:
THE BAKERS (The Hardcover, in color)
NAT TURNER Vol. 1 (of 2)
CARTOONIST Vol. 1 Limited Edition Hardcover
Myrna Burner posters

See you there, and at the EISNER AWARDS Friday, July 21. Kyle is up four four nominations!