Cci Guests Tatsumi YoshihiroDrawn & Quarterly is always a highlight of the con and this year they have TATSUMI!

D+Q has its largest lineup ever of attending artists including Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Adrian Tomine, Kevin Huzienga, Anders Nilsen, Ron Rege Jr, Sammy Harkham, James Sturm, Dan Zettwoch and Martin Cendreda. We will have specials on most of stock including our new books! Attending from D+Q is Marketing & Publicity Director Peggy Burns, Production Designer Tom Devlin, Studio Coordinator Jamie Quail and Production Coordinator Rebecca Rosen

Signing schedue below:

3:00-5:00 Adrian Tomine & Sammy Harkham
5:00-7:00 Kevin Huizenga & Dan Zettwoch

10:00-11:00 Martin Cendreda & Dan Zettwoch Showcase Signing
12:00-2:00 Adrian Tomine & James Sturm
2:00-4:00 Kevin Huizenga & Sammy Harkham
(2:30-3:30 Graphic Novel Panel W/ Sturm & Tatsumi)
3:45-5:45: Yoshihiro Tatsumi & Adrian Tomine

10:00-11:00 Martin Cendreda & Dan Zettwoch Showcase Signing
11:00-1:00 Adrian Tomine
11:00-2:00 Ron Rege, Jr
2:00-4:00 Pm Kevin Huizenga & Anders Nilsen
(2:30-4:00 Spotlight On Yoshihiro Tatsumi With Adrian Tomine Panel)
(4:00-5:00 Ccs Panel With James Sturm, Tom Devlin & Kevin Huizenga)
4:15-6:15: Yoshihiro Tatsumi & Adrian Tomine

12:00-2:00 Yoshihiro Tatsumi & Adrian Tomine
2:00-4:00 Sammy Harkham & Anders Nilsen & Kevin Huizenga