Do you have a way with sculpey? You may be just the person DC is looking for:

Following the incredible success at last year’s COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL – SAN DIEGO, DC Direct will be holding its second annual Sculptor Search – “A Cut Above”.

Join us this year and meet Georg Brewer, DC’s VP – Design & DC Direct Creative, Jim Fletcher, Senior Art Director, and Shawn Knapp, Associate Art Director. The creative team behind DC Direct will be discussing the unique challenges of turning some of world’s greatest characters from comic art into amazing 3-D product.

The panel begins Friday, July 21 in Room 9.

“This is something that was hugely successful for us the first time around,” Brewer says. “And it’s a wonderful chance to interact with new sculpting talent and our fans to bring them into the creative process that goes on at DC Direct.”

Portfolios will be collected and reviewed by the DC Direct staff during a presentation. Several members of the team will be discussing the DC Direct business in detail, and providing tips and suggestions for breaking into the business. After a question and answer period, the artists making the cut will be selected for an individual portfolio critique. At least one talented sculptor will be selected to receive an actual commission.

Last year two talented sculptors, Paul Harding and Byron Jungjareon were awarded assignments from DC Direct. Do you have what it takes to be a cut above? Go to for more information and portfolio guidelines and to see samples of the DC Direct assignments completed by last year’s selected sculptors.