Gordon Bennett! It takes a whole week just to catch up with all the Comic-Con stuff online! We are done after this — we absolutely promise…unless there is something else really cool and smart that catches our eye.

§ It seems that the tumult and jacked-up atmosphere at the con led to a lot more “incidents” than usual. For instance, even at a panel spotlighting peace-loving Hobbits, people got all aggro:

By the time the panel started every seat was filled and by the time it ended, security and convention staff had arrested or detained one angry individual who didn’t have a chance to make it inside the event. All signs indicate: Fans are excited for the Hobbit, to the point of nearly inciting riots. After the panel was over, Con staff informed TORn that “at least 400″ people had been turned away.

One of those people was The Beat. We’d hoped to attend holding up our “Imrahil or bust!” banner, but got turned away — but thankfully, not “detained.” BTW, Director del Toro was at one point slated to appear but perhaps it’s just as well he’s saving it for NEXT year.

§ A nice con report by Martha Thomases: SDCC: Little Earthquakes.

It’s nearly a week since Comic-Con ended, but still it haunts my dreams. I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, then the fifth largest city in Ohio (behind Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Akron), yet there were more people in the San Diego convention center.


§ Jim Lee has a multi-part blog that covers what it’s like to be a superstar, which entails the above, but also a schedule that looks like this:
PS: Get well, Carla!

§ Jaunty Jamie Coville has recorded a ton of panels that we couldn’t attend. The panels are:

How Not to Break Into Comics,
The Future of the Comic Pamphlet,
Golden Age/Silver Age of Comics Panel,
That’s 70’s (Comics) Panel,
Jim Warren spotlight,
Colleen Doran’s Resources for Creators Panel,
The Black Panel,
The World of Steve Ditko,
Fan vs Pro Trivia Panel and again,
The Eisner Awards Ceremony.
Let us all give Jamie a thunderous round of applause for this boon to mankind!

PLUS: Audio of the World of Graphic Novels panel at TCJ.

§ FINALLY, Ali Kokmen’s call to arms.


  1. “How Not to Break Into Comics”

    Fantastic panel, but don’t – for the love of god – don’t leave it on Repeat.

    (Thank you, Jamie. Downloading the Doran panel, now)


  2. Thanks for the link, Heidi! I suppose the lesson for me is that today’s technology added to the advent of the new company blog means that my convention antics are more likely to show up on the interweb. But, hey, as long as it’s fun…