This fall, the DC Universe and the Monsterverse are set to collide. DC and Legendary Comics have announced Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong, a new crossover that will find the world’s greatest heroes facing off against the king of the monsters and the god of Skull Island. The seven-issue miniseries comes from the creative team of writer Brian Buccellato, artist Christian Duce, and colorist Luis Guerrero

Here’s how DC and Legendary describes Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong (though I’m not sure how much you really need to know about it beyond the title):

What starts as a routine clash between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom takes a dangerous turn when the wall between worlds is breached…with Godzilla, Kong, and the Monsterverse emerging on DC’s Earth! What ensues will be a brawl of unprecedented scale and destruction!

Naturally Godzilla and Kong are from an alternate reality, as the DC Universe already has its own hollow earth locale, Skartaris, and I don’t think Warlord has ever run into either of those creatures down there.

Along with a main cover by Drew JohnsonJustice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #1 will feature variant covers by Jim Lee and Scott WilliamsRafael Albuquerque, Francesco Mattina, and Dan Mora and Alan Quah. The issue will also be available with gatefold variants by Duce that include sound chips in them to replicate either Godzilla or Kong’s “Roar Sound FX.” If you think that’s insane, you’re not alone, but it’s just crazy enough to be amazing.

In a statement announcing the crossover, Buccellato described how the series is the natural extension of his previous DC work, and what Duce and Guerrero are bringing to the book:

“I’ve had the good fortune to write most of the legendary DC Super Heroes before—from my time on The Flash, Detective Comics, and Injustice,” said Brian Buccellato. “This time I get to build something way larger-than-life using all the toys in two different sandboxes. It’s such a thrill to tear open both the DC Universe and Legendary’s Monsterverse for this dream project.”

“Christian Duce and Luis Guerrero are perfect partners in this oversize endeavor,” continued Buccellato. “Christian has been masterful in his navigating the story’s enormous scope in terms of character moments, rampaging monsters, and big superhero action. And Luis’s stunning palette and rendering are an amazing complement to Christian’s art.”

DC and Legendary executives Jim Lee and Robert Napton also weighed in on the crossover:

“As a comics fan—there’s nothing more fun and exciting than exploring those amazing ‘What If’ situations that come up when fandoms cross streams!” said Jim Lee, DC President, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer. “In this case, it’s a matchup of the world’s greatest Super Heroes in the Justice League who take on not only the King of the Monsters—Godzilla—but the mighty Kong himself! It’s a crossover no-holds-barred battle, decades in the making, and no bona fide comics fan will want to miss it!”

“There have been a couple of classic crossovers since I started reading comics: Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man, The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans—and we hope Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong joins that list of unforgettable meetings,” said Robert Napton, SVP & Publisher, Legendary Comics. “I am grateful to everyone at DC, Legendary Entertainment, and Toho International for the passionate support we received to have these worlds collide!”

Check out some preview artwork for the series below, and look for more details to come out of this weekend’s Jim Lee & Friends panel. Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #1 (of 7) is set to arrive in stores and digitally on Tuesday, October 17th. The $15 “Monster Roar FX” variants for the issue featuring Godzilla and Kong’s actual voices will follow on November 14th.

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