by Alexander Jones

This morning we got new artwork from Frank Quitely, which would be cause for celebration regardless of what it was. What it turned out to be, however, was a cover for November’s Multiversity issue entitled Multiversity: Pax Romana #1. This issue and cover are very important for a number of reasons–one being the fact that it features a symbol being desecrated in a familiar manner–is anybody else getting shades of Watchmen from this? The second is that author Grant Morrison and company are going to be directly toying with the prospects of some of those familiar Charlton characters altered around in the Watchmen comics including Blue Beetle also known as Night Owl and The Question aka Rorschach. CBR broke the news. Keep your eyes crossed ok, more news about the comic will be announced during the Multiversity panel at San Diego Comic-Con International 2014, which is now officially underway!PAX-cover-V1-93d59


  1. So the peace sign…
    You know it’s semaphore, right? N + D = “nuclear disarmament”

    So if this issue refers to a civilization of an unending Roman Empire, the possiblity of semaphore representing “peace” seems unlikely.
    Romans would be more likely to use an olive branch, as can be seen on many “Pax” coins from that era.

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