By Steve Morris

SDCC only finishes once Heidi finds out where in Stately Beat Manor I’m currently hiding (under the rug? down the stairs? behind the curtain?), and throws me out once and for all. With that in mind, Chris Roberson and Allison Baker’s digital publishing company Monkeybrain Comics had a big panel at the event, which saw some new titles announced.

Amongst them were books by Joe Keatinge and Joshua Williamson, as well as an anthology title edited by Chris Schweitzer. Here’s the full list of titles announced, to go alongside the five books already released by the fledgling company:

WANDER, by Kevin Church and Grace Allison

A fantastical story about a woman from Earth who ends up in a magical, fantasy world.

MASKS AND MOBSTERS, by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson

A 1930s/40s crime story about the mob, unsurprisingly, as they find their business interrupted by the birth of the superhero.


INTERGALACTIC, by Joe Keatinge and Ken Garing

A ‘realist’ space story which explores what would’ve happened if humanity had kept pushing for space exploration. There are no aliens in the book – this is about a family who try to keep themselves alive in the depths of lawless outer space.

KONQUEROR, by Chris Schweitzer and Audrey Morris

This sounds like the book we all wanted Amethyst to be. Silly sci-fi, but with politics mixed into it. And also, according to Schweitzer, there is a character called Princess Thunderpunch, so she sounds lovely.

ROUNDUP, edited by Chris Schweitzer

The anthology title I touched on above. This will feature a number of creators like Kevin Church, Stan Lynde and Matt Kindt, all writing western-themed stories which last around 8-12 pages.

DREAMSEQUENCER: SPIRIT OF THE LAW, by Brandon Seifert and Michael Montena

This is also an anthology of sorts, but really just a chance for Seifert to do stories about whatever he want, with no real theme interlinking them. Seifert will write this series, with a new artist for each arc. Montena is onboard for the first story, which is called ‘Spirit of the Law’.

AWESOME ADVENTURES, by Chris Roberson and Thomas N. Perkins IV

A family of explorers go out and have weird adventures – a little like the Fantastic Four, perhaps, just by means of simple comparison.


  1. I’m chomping at the bit to see Konqueror. It’s either going to be the best book of the line or a disaster. But Princess Thunderpunch is a stupendous name.

  2. I tried Bandette and October Girl. I enjoyed the first one–in spite of how short it was it contained a solid amount of story–but October Girl was barely more than a sampler.

    There are a couple of titles here that I’ll probably try, but there are lots of other publishers offering full sized issues for the same amount and in these penny pinching times that matters.

  3. Yeah, people have been talking about how cheap these are, when they really aren’t. I liked October Girl but I think I read it in a minute or two tops.

  4. Still giving all these a shot though. So far, I dug Citizen Rex and Intergalactic looks right up my alley.

  5. Thank you for the coverage! Two quick corrections: My collaborator on “Spirit of the Law” is Michael Montenat — and “DreamSequencer” will feature a different artist on each story, rather than having all stories drawn by Michael.

  6. Steve,

    You fixed the bit about Michael not being on for the whole project — but Michael’s last name is still mispelled “Montena” instead of “Montenat”. :) Thank you for fixing part of it, though!