After some technical difficulties thanks to YouTube’s overzealous copyright bots, Cartoon Network’s First Look panel hosted by Philip Solomon (voice of titular character in Craig of the Creek) and Lucia Cunningham (the voice of Craig’s little sister) finally went live with sneak peeks of your favorite Cartoon Network shows.

It began with some positive messages from various Cartoon Network cast and crew members.

First up for sneak peaks, a clip from an upcoming new episode of Apple & Onion attempting to rescue the rooster of one of their friends from experimentation.

After some humor, next up was some action with the trailer debut of the upcoming Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie. While the current Ben 10 show has certainly taken a more comedic approach compared to previous iterations, the new movie seems to be taking it back to its original sci-fi action roots.

Next up Solomon and Cunningham showed a clip of their show Craig of the Creek. When the trading tree is closed, it looks like Craig will be teaming up with Cannonball (voiced by Craig of the Creek story editor Jeff Trammell) as well as fan-favorite Sparkle Cadet (voiced by Kamali Minter) to find a way to beat the summer heat!

The only major announcement was that a a Season 2 of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart has been confirmed with an animatic of a Season 2 episode showcased.

If you like something a little more macabre with your humor, Victor & Valentino has you covered. A clip from an upcoming episode has the half-brothers taking a camping trip with their friends when a game of Truth or Dare suddenly takes a creepy turn. It appears the long gestating story arc involving the moon is slowly but surely coming to fruition.

Continuing with the silly siblings a clip from the We Bare Bears movie now available for streaming was next shown.

And with that the Cartoon Network First Look panel came to an end.

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