War Machine Marketing has released their autograph schedule for the booth.  It’s heavy on the comics-music connection with Connor Garritty, Scott Lewis, LIGHTS and Carla Harvey.  Also, Simpsons artist and Weaseltown co-creator, Nathan Hamill.

Official PR follows:


1pm to 2pm: Connor Garritty
3pm to 4pm: Scott Lewis

1pm to 2pm: LIGHTS
3pm to 4pm: Nathan Hamill
5pm to 6pm: Carla Harvey

1pm to 2pm: Carla Harvey

CONNOR GARRITY: Connor is the owner or the world renowned tattoo shop, TIMELESS TATOO in Hollywood, CA. Connor has been tattooing for over 20 years and has a celebrity clientele that includes Howard Stern and Paris Jackson as well as many other famous rock stars. He is currently working on a new venture called Project S.C.A.R. pushing his talents further by offering free scar cover up tattoos to cancer survivors, wounded veterans, self-harm and “cutters”, medical and surgery scars, etc helping them heal from the outside while transforming something so tragic on the outside into a beautiful piece of art. Connor is also the lead singer of the heavy metal band, ALL HAIL THE YETI, which releases their new record in Fall of 2018. Their blend of heavy groove laden riffs and organic blue collar lyrics have made them a huge hit amongst heavy metal fans all around the world.

Connor Garrity will be signing on FRIDAY JULY 20, 2018 1pm to 2pm

SCOTT IAN LEWIS: Scott Ian Lewis is a writer and musician. He is the vocalist and songwriter of the death metal quintet CARNIFEX (Nuclear Blast Records), who have been performing around the world for over a decade. From an early age, he was influenced by filmmakers and writers such as Andrew Kevin Walker, Allen Ball, Alfred Hitchcock and David Fincher. When he isn’t performing with CARNIFEX, he spends his time obsessively writing for television and film. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife and two pets. He will be signing copies of his new comic book, DEATH DREAMER at the booth.

Scott Ian Lewis will be signing on FRIDAY JULY 20, 2018 from 3pm to 4pm

LIGHTS: Always pushing boundaries, alt-pop phenomenon Lights has never shied away from a challenge. Through her first three records, Lights built an incredibly passionate fanbase, selling out tours around the world, earning awards and selling over a million streams of her music to her rabid fans who follow her every move online. LIGHTS also released her own comic book, SKIN&EARTH, based on her album of the same name which revolves around the last city left in a post-apocalyptic world that is lost to famine & plague, devoid of hope. Her comic book has been a huge hit with fans of comics and music alike. She will be signing the hard cover and trade paperback collections of the first 6 issues of SKIN&EARTH.

LIGHTS will be signing on SATURDAY JULY 21, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm

NATHAN HAMILL: Son of Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill, Nathan Hamill is an artist from Los Angeles with an affinity for large eyed creatures, ranging from cute to macabre, bashful to bellicose. He was raised on a healthy diet of cartoons, comics, movies and toys, which informed his personality and artistic sensibilities. Some of his vinyl toys to date include the popular Lavabear, Bellicose Bunny, and Boris. He is also the co-creator of the animated show “Weasel Town” as well as being one of the featured artists for Matt Groening on The Simpsons for Bongo Comics. He plays well with others. He makes what he likes. Nathan will be debuting and signing his new Burgercat Vinyl colorway, Keylimecat Edition as well as other vinyl toys.

NATHAN HAMILL will be signing on SATURDAY JULY 21, 2018 from 3pm to 4pm

CARLA HARVEY: Carla Harvey is an American musician from Detroit, best known as a vocalist of the American heavy metal band Butcher Babies. Harvey is also an author, artist and actress. Harvey took a break from the entertainment world to earn a degree in Mortuary Science and worked as an embalmer and funeral director before forming the Butcher Babies and pursuing her lifelong dream of being a touring musician. Harvey’s first published comic book, Butcher Babies, premiered at San Diego Comic Con 2011 leaving fans chomping at the bit for her next series “Soul Sucka” and the successful 2014 release of her first full-length novel, “Death and Other Dances”. Harvey also publishes a yearly anthology of her art entitled GASH and runs Pretty Girls Do Ugly Things, an apparel and jewelry line featuring art that celebrates her ample bosomed antiheroes.

CARLA HARVEY will be signing on SATURDAY JULY 21, 2018 from 5pm to 6pm and SUNDAY JULY 22, 2018 from 1pm to 2pm