Pamela Auditore

The value of Preview Night at Comic-Con International, also known as Wednesday, or as @MarcBerdain and Stanley Kubrick like to say…

is where an attendee can walk the Exhibit floor instead of shuffling behind the blossoming crowds on Thursday morning. You are able to stop and take pictures of a life size K-S2o,

while not impeding someone else from a signing with collaborators Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti of  DC’s Harley Quinn book and causing an eight stroller pile up.

There are more things to do and see on the Exhibitor floor than merely make like a bullet for your pre-ordered Collectibles. In the 100s area of the Exhibit Hall, you could play video games on offer from Blizzard and X-Box.

There were comic issues and trade paperbacks from the Bronze Age to the latest issues of Batman, the Walking Dead, Saga, Marvel’s Secret Empire or Lumberjanes.  There were publishers from Del Rey, Penguin and Simon and Schuster  with authors were on hand for signings such as R.L. Stein and Robin Hobbs.

There were booths throughout the Exhibit Hall and Artist Alley where you could meet the creators who’s humble comic books begat Mega Dollar media franchises, like Kevin Eastman of  Teen-age Mutant Ninja Turtle fame (who appeared on Saturday), or those who have fervent followings like Strangers In Paradise, Echo, Rachel Rising and Motor Girl creator Terry Moore.

You could have had Tattoo Artists apply Hena tattoos. There were Swordsmiths and armourers. But if you are in a hurrry you can miss untold things, hidden treasures you didn’t know where there.

Remember next year, if you are lucky enough to get into Preview Night, take full advantage of it.  Study the Exhibitor list, who is Exhibiting what, so you can sight-see, game and take your time to make discoveries, perhaps find hidden treasures by not being too dazzled by the more popular displays.