If you’ve been following AMC’s Preacher, you’ve probably noticed that the show – up until now – was largely covering ground that seemed to take place before the comic. Speaking at San Diego Comic Con today, producer Seth Rogen confirmed that while season one was largely a prequel to the source material, future seasons would be delving more into the comic’s content, albeit possibly taking different paths to get there.

To that end, the panel introduced season 2’s new villain, Herr Starr, a character from the comic who functions as the sacred executioner for the mysterious organization The Grail. Starr is played by Pip Torrens, who was featured in some exclusive scenes shown to audience members in Hall H. The scenes portrayed Starr’s rather glib “audition” for The Grail, in which he complains about not having validated parking and casually murders his competitors.

The cast also took questions from the audience, revealing a few interesting tidbits – specifically that Seth Rogen has his eyes on a potential part he could start in for a future season (though he won’t say what – any guesses?), and, in obscure trivia for any Friday Night Lights fans out there, Dominic Cooper credits learning his drawling Jesse Custer accent from Kyle Chandler’s portrayal of Coach Taylor.

For a closer look at the upcoming season, check out AMC’s newly-released trailer below:

Preacher airs on Mondays on AMC.