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By Daniel Lodge

Teen Titans Go! has been entertaining fans for three seasons. It continues to make audiences laugh by taking the beloved characters from the original Teen Titans series, which at times took on a serious tone, and putting them in ridiculous storylines.

During interviews at SDCC this year, the cast members and producers chatted about the absurdity and humor of the show, and why audiences need it now more than ever.

“Taking life less seriously is the move at this point based on the climate that we’re in now, socially, with all the war and violence,” said Greg Cipes, who voices numerous characters, including Beast Boy. “Teen Titans Go! is a great escape and release and healing thing to experience, right now, for everyone. That’s why we’re the number 1 show on cartoon network.”

Cipes joked that he couldn’t even “recall what season 4 is even about,” while Tara Strong, who voices Raven, said: “There are a lot of episodes that make absolutely no sense.” But producer Pete Michail promised even “weirder” stories were waiting.

“I don’t know if you’ve guys noticed but, the seasons are just getting weirder,” he said. “It just keeps it fun to work on… You’re just always trying to do some new stuff, see how far you can push it.”

Producer Aaron Horvath noted that some fans of the original series did not appreciate the direction Teen Titans Go! has taken over the years, but states that his main concern is the current target audience: children.

“We try to always keep the audience in mind,” he said. “What do kids like, what do kids want? But we’ve made so many episodes that we’re trying to make ourselves laugh as well.”

When asked what Horvath is most excited for fans to see in the upcoming season, Horvath said he was looking forward to the appearance of a villain.

“Santa Claus has turned into a recurring villain, so I’m excited for people to see our version of Santa,” he said. “His villainous plan is to take over the entire holiday calendar, so he wants Christmas to be year round. And he’s played by Robert Morse… and to work with an actor of this caliber and give him the dumbest things to say, it’s really something special. And he’s totally game, and he’s hysterical, and his reads are so unpredictable, so you never know what you’re going to get out of him.”


  1. Teen Titans Go is an absolute hoot! It has brought so much laughter and joy to my family. For what an anonymous-Internet-poster’s recommendation is worth, this is extremely, mega-ultimately recommended!

  2. I’m glad it got a fourth season. I don’t care how buttmad people on the internet get, TTG is a hilarious, fun show that deserves more praise. It’s just an actual cartoon. Sure it’s dumb and stupid but that is the point. It’s brilliantly dumb and stupid. Steven Universe is amazing too, and everyone has every right to not like either of them, but to see this get shit on because it doesn’t have a big story is stupid. Long Live Teen Titans Go, here’s to hoping the Titans wreck havoc for years to come.

  3. I wonder if they’ll including Johnny Test, Scrappy Doo, and Elmyra Duff to appears as regulars in the upcoming season(s)…? You know…To annoy the hell outta the quote-unquote haters as well as to show how critic-proof they are.

  4. Teen Titans Go! REALLY needs to die!!! It needs to end immediately after season 3!!! Teen Titans Go! is one of the worst shows on Cartoon Network, and it should NOT get a season 4. It RUINED people’s memories of the original Teen Titans. Cartoon Network was just forcing people to watch Teen Titans Go!. PLEASE, CARTOON NETWORK!!!! END TEEN TITANS GO! ALREADY!!!!

  5. Teen Titans Go is an abomination that’s done nothing but insult its detractors and hog airtime from the network’s other shows.

    Renewing this piece of garbage for another season is like prolonging a patient’s life support against the patient’s wishes. The show seriously needs to die.

    I don’t think we can stand any more of the Titans being unsympathetic assholes and flipping the bird to everyone who has a negative opinion about the show.

    This is my opinion and anyone who disagrees should deal with it and not childishly whine about what an awful person I am.

  6. @Ian Fairchild Ugh, such an egomaniac here. Can you just lend something good to the people who would enjoy this show? You act as if it’s so serious when this show is all fine. You don’t even understand that TTG is a comedy, and doesn’t insult the original show. Sigh…

  7. @Ian Fairchild Hahaha “This is my opinion and anyone who disagrees should deal with it and not childishly whine about what an awful person I am.” what an absolute hypocritical CUNT of a human being you are, maybe you should deal with it and not childishly whine about what an “awful” show this is.

  8. @Daniel Dell The show didnt ruin any memory. grow the fuck up, the original show is still available to watch any time you like, again, grow the fuck up.

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