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In an email about Comic-Con HQ’s activities at this year’s SDCC, this little nugget was revealed: John Barrowman will be hosting the Eisner Awards.

Barrowman is of course a much loved cult fan figure, currently starring on Arrow, who previously made a splash at whe Eisners by snogging with Jonathan Ross and Neil Gaiman. So obviously, this is not the year to skip the Eisners.

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And you won’t have to as they will be live streamed on Comic-Con HQ! NOTE: Not live streamed as I mistakenly wrote, but the whole show will be available on Comic-Con HQ AFTER the awards. So you will be able to relive whatever snogging takes place.

We’ve reported previously on attempts to “show-biz-ify” the Eisners. While a few things needed spiffing up, we hope things like actual celebrities hosting doesn’t mean that we won’t see comics folks like Paul Dini and Anina Bennett and Jill Thompson still doing the Awards thing. Because it’s charming and this is about comics still, dammit! That said, I feel confident that Barrowman will represent Team Nerd in fine fashion.

Below image, me giving out an Eisner award to Arhcie Goodwin sometime in the very distant past, with Will Eisner looking on.

Thanks to eagle eyed Hannah Lodge for spotting this.




  1. “Below image, me giving out an Eisner award to Arhcie Goodwin sometime in the very distant past …”

    From the looks of Heidi’s hair and clothes, the “very distant past” appears to be the late ’80s or early ’90s. Seems like yesterday!

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