Yesterday at San Diego, DC Comics offered another ‘All Access’ look at the current landscape of their comics. With all the goodwill being built by Rebirth and what’s yet to come, the panel proved to be an interesting conversation about where what DC have coming. On the panel were Renae De Liz, Hope Larson, Steve Orlando, John Semper, and the trooper that is Amanda Conner (she’s still recovering from a fall suffered during a vacation in Italy)


Cyborg’s Rebirth issue (coming in September) by John Semper was described by the writer as an epic. The former head writer for Spider-Man the animated series is taking a similar approach with Cyborg by focusing on who Victor Stone is and layering the hero on top.


Harley Quinn #1 by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Chad Hardin is remaining the same, and the group couldn’t be more proud of it. The team told the crowd that the only thing changing about Quinn for Rebirth is her hairstyle. Conner talked about the multiple apologies they send to Hardin about all the complex panels they make him draw.


Batgirl #1 comes out next week, and writer Hope Larson talked about continuing much of what the previous Batgirl team have established. Barbara will be out of Burnside for a the first arc as she travels the world visiting places like South Korea and Japan.

Steve Orlando talked about Supergirl Rebirth. Fans will see characters who haven’t been in pages since 1979, including, apparently, a Kryptonian werewolf. The series is about how Kara has been received by the general public, and then compared to her famous cousin. Fans will learn what unique steel Supergirl brings to the DC Universe. Supergirl Rebirth comes out in August, which will be followed by the debut of the regular series in September. Want to see a preview of the artwork for the series? Step right this way.

In Midnighter and Apollo, Orlando will bring the duo against the subway pirates from Grant Morrison’s run on Seven Soldiers. During the Q&A, Orlando also mentioned there would be even more characters popping in whom longtime fans would be happy with.

After an extended Q&A where DC gave away plenty of hats [er, yay? – Ed.], and the All-Access panel came to an end.