In news that has rocked sales of lawn chairs and MREs, CCI announced their policies for this year’s Hall H wristbands and there is a massive difference this year! You can sleep in a bed and still get in!!!!

So How Do They Work?
Toucan Tracker wristbands will be given out the night before each Hall H panel. For example, Saturday wristbands will be given out on Friday night. Once you receive your wristband, you have three options:

1. You may immediately line up for the following day’s first panel in Hall H.

2. You may leave someone to hold your place in line, and return before 7:30 AM to meet them. You will be allowed to join them in line as long as you have your wristband. Please keep in mind that all members of your group will need to get your wristbands at the same time, so plan accordingly.

3. You may leave, get a good night’s rest, and return to the end of the wristband line before 7:30 AM. Please keep in mind that you must be there before 7:30 AM.

At least that’s the plan. The Unofficial SDCC Blog immediately had analysis withs maps and charts:

Wristband distribution starts late again, starting at 10PM on Wednesday for Thursday’s panels, 8:30PM on Thursday for Friday’s panels, 9:45PM on Friday for Saturday’s panels, and 11PM on Saturday for Sunday’s panels. Unlike last year, wristband distribution will continue all night, meaning that those who spent hours last year feeling like they couldn’t leave to even run to the bathroom for fear of wristbands being handed out, can rest easy this year.

One courageous soul will still need to brave the elements and the dreaded swamp rats of San Diego Harbor to keep the group’s place in line, but the children can eat!!!!

However, a 100+ comment thread reveals that instead of sleeping out everyone will get in line the previous day for the NDL (next day’s line) which will still be heckish:

But how early are people going to get in the NDL? Won’t this give me more incentive to get in line even earlier? Now I only have to wait until the previous evening to “get into Hall H” so I’m more likely to get in line many hours earlier than I would have. Basically instead of sleeping in line overnight, I have to wait in line all day until wristband distribution time. That means missing the entire current day’s panels while waiting in line for a wristband, and then basically missing another whole day while sitting inside of Hall H (assuming the panel you want is towards the end of the day and not first thing).
So in terms of Hall H waiting / missing out on other panels, it’s still about the same as before. If I want to wait for Saturday’s Hall H wristbands, I’m going to have to get in line during the day on Friday, and stay in line until at least 9:45pm.
Not saying that this a bad thing. I definitely like having a better system to keep us who want to be in line a better estimate on what is happening. This system is just requiring me to really decide how much I care about Hall H to miss out on multiple days of everything else. lol DECISIONS

That’s right kids, you GET ONE CHANCE to get in line to see Star Wars, or Con Men or whatever.

As an observer of line waiting culture, I have no idea how this new system is going to fly, but I’m sure people will be debating…and complaining right up until the lights up on and the curtain goes up on whatever Hall H experience it was you had your heart set on.