Finally deciding to firmly tie something in to their ‘Agents of SHIELD’ TV series, Marvel have announced a new book by writer Mark Waid, which’ll see him working with an assortment of different artists to bring the agency to life.

S.H.I.E.L.D. features Phil Coulson – the character played by Clark Gregg in the TV series – as the lead character, bringing together superheroes and spies to form an international peace-keeping force. The first issue, it’s been announced, will have Carlos Pacheco on art duties, with the intention of new artists every subsequent issue, it appears. Alan Davis will also take on an issue somewhere down the line – a hot 10 cents says it’s one with Storm in it!

The series will begin in December.


  1. Rotating artists? What the heck for? I find it annoying when a series has musical artists and/or musical writers.

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