By David Nieves
There’s no spotlight like a BKV spotlight and today at SDCC faithful companion of Hamburger K Vaughan, Brian, indeed delivered a fast paced hour Q&A that delighted a packed house. BKV took on about 35 questions from inquisitive fans ranging from animals to gin cocktails. We’ll post the full audio in the next day or so but for now we’ll recap the five best questions asked on the panel.
1) A girl from D.C asked, “What is your favorite gin and gin cocktail?”
Vaughan isn’t picky; any well gin will do with his favorite cocktail being half well-gin and half tap water. Perfect for sitting and thinking about your problems in his opinion.

2) Another young lady asked about where the source material for Saga comes from?
“I knocked up my wife.” Writing is a way for him to understand the unknown and fatherhood terrified him. All the characters are based on friends and loved ones in his life including Lying Cat.

3)Any other TV or film projects on the way?
“No. I quit everything,” Brian talked about the perks of working in Hollywood among them being free lunch, but after working to please so many bosses in television he realized comics were the best place to cultivate new ideas. Later he talked about the rights for Y:The Last Man reverting back to him and Pia. He doesn’t think it will get made because in order for another studio to do so they’d have to pay New Line what they’ve already invested. In Vaughan’s own words, “that’s a sh**ton of money.”

3) Would he ever comeback to fix Runaways?
“I like what they’re doing… I made an okay living sort of working off other peoples creation. I should throw something back into the toy box.” His hope is that a young creator would take it and breathe new life into it.

4) Do you always know how a story is going to end?
“I don’t start a story till I know how it’s going to end.” Brian talked about fluidity being important in story telling. While writing Y he knew what the last panel would be, only the signposts along the way might chan

5)What comics are you reading?
Having been asked this at every panel, the man came prepared with a list that consisted of great independent and big two books. On that list; ALEX AND ADA, CALIBAN by Ennis, MOON KNIGHT by Ellis, MS MARVEL, and the upcoming COPPERHEAD. He also gave a nod to Kirkman’s zombie book.

After the panel, Brian announced he was in the process of making two new books one with an artist he’d worked with before and another book with a brand new artist. No official word yet as he said the books were still very early. Personally, I’m hoping for a reunion with Pia. There was laughter, touching moments, and more laughter plus the brave questioners got a free copy of next weeks Saga from BKV himself.

If you search Instagram you might find the picture posted in this write up that was taken right in the middle of the panel. All hail Hamburger’s owner!

Listen to all of the entertainment that was Brian K Vaughan below

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