Sunday, a day of brunch, a day of kids, a day of goodbyes and hangovers. Things are clearly winding down, but there’s still much to enchant:

Fae Desmond, The San Diego International Children’s Film Festival, Anson and Benton Jew, David Tennant, David Hayter, Smallville, Mimi Cruz, Marjorie Liu, Charles Vess, American Dad, Daryl Cagle, David Petersen, Misha Collins, Bill Willingham, Dean Mullaney, Craig Yoe, Asian Ball-Jointed Doll Collectors, Jim Lee, Stan Sakai, Dr. Theopolis, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brittany and Brianna Winner, John Barrowman, Webcomics and Comic-Con Talkback. Bryan Talbot and to take it all home…Buffy the Musical