Sparkplug Comic Books will be at two shows this week, the Port Zine Symposium (July 24-26)
and San Diego Comic Con (July 22-26). Info below:

We’ll be premiering 3 new books:The Shortest Interval – by David King
Sausage Hand – by Andrew Smith (published with Teenage Dinosaur)
Neptune – by Aron Nels Steinke (published with Tugboat Press)

At the Portland Zine Symposium, we’ll be offering a wide variety of self published books from around the country. Emily Nilsson will be running the table. Aron Steinke, Teenage Dinosaur and Sean Christensen will be sharing table with us and Tugboat Press

At Comic Con we are sharing booth 1531 with Tom Neely’s I Will Destroy You.

We’ll have Sparkplug books as well as books published by Tugboat Press, Teenage Dinosaur, Secret Acres, Bodega Distribution, La Mano, Partyka and other publishers. And, as usual we’ll have the self publishing flee market in full effect with work by artists like Fiona Smyth, Noah Van Sciver, Steve Ditko, Rina Ayuyang, Shaky Kane, Jason Overby, Jason T. Miles, Jesse Reklaw, Vanessa Davis, Renee French, Bobby Madness, Al Frank, Theo Elsworth and many many more.

Artists such as Julia Wertz, Austin English, Damien Jay, Minty Lewis, David King, Ben Catmull, Chris Cilla, Andrew Smith and Tim Goodyear others will be hanging out at the booth.