Saturday, what a day, Rockin all week with you.

Denys Cowan, Lewis Trondheim, Chuck,
Rebecca Romijn, Tom Kenny, Dune,
Terry Moore, the Lost Panel, Floyd Norman,
Seth MacFarlane Francis Manapul, Sheldon Moldoff,
Dwayne McDuffie, Dave Gibbons, Gary Gianni,
Joe Hill, Nicola Cuti, James Jean,
Matt Busch, Matt Groening, The One-Panel Panel,
Ramón Valdiosera, Mike Judge, Dennis Kitchen,
Bkackest Night, Gerard Way, June Foray,
Elizabeth Mitchell, Roland Emmerich. Amber Benson,
Doug Moench, Scott Shaw!, Seth,
the Little Lulu Fan Group, Heroes, Ray Bradbury,
Leonard Starr, Hope Larson, Iron Man 2,
Mike Mignola, JMS, The Human Target Pilot Screening,
Michele Rodriguez, True Blood, Kevin Smith,
Matz, Jeff Katz, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer,
James Urbaniak, Roman Dirge, Arsenio Hall,
All star Troma Roast with the South Park boys,
and the BIGGEST star at Comicon, Ron Jeremy, S
andeep Parikh, Zack Snyder, Olivia Munn

After the mind-boggling director’s conference of Thursday and Friday, Saturday, truth be told, is almost a bit of a breather — although that is all relative– with mostly vampires, TV shows, and some of the best comics and art related programming yet announced.

We’ll have Sunday when it goes up and our own programming picks next week.