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What is Batton Lash doing at the con? A lot.

New book: Tales from the Vault: An Anniversary Special

This is the 15th anniversary of Exhibit A Press (publishers of Supernatural Law comic books and trade paperbacks) and the 30th anniversary of Batton’s characters Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre; this book has samples of material from all incarnations: the original weekly newspaper strip that appeared in The National Law Journal, the one-page magazine stories, the comic book stories, and the webcomic—including a previously unpublished five-page comic book story featuring Wolff & Byrd’s intrepid secretary, Mavis. It’s 64 pages for a mere $7.95.
New trade paperback: The Soddyssey

This is the “missing” volume (#2) in the Supernatural Law trade paperback series—now available at Comic-Con for the first time!

New T-shirt:

This shirt, with an image inspired by monster movie posters of the 1930s, was produced by Graphitti Designs. it’s a must-have item, available in all sizes!

New Archie collection: Archie Freshman Year

The miniseries Batton wrote has been collected into a trade paperback. It will be available at the Exhibit A booth, including during a special signing at 1:00 on Saturday, when the artist (Bill Galvan) and Archie Comics reps will be on hand.

New Radioactive Man: The Best Radioactive Man Event Ever!

What happens when a comic book company builds a big event around its main superhero? Find out from Bongo’s big summer crossover event, running in issues of Simpsons Comics, Bart Simpson, and Simpsons Super Spectacular. This big event was written by Batton, with art by Tone Rodriguez and Andrew Pepoy and covers by Bill Morrision, all of whom will be at the booth for special signings. Bongo will also be selling a Comic-Con-only trade paperback collecting these three landmark issues!

Plus: Batton will be drawing at the Cartoon Art Museum Saturday morning at 11:00 and appearing on several panels: He’s interviewing Lew Sayre Schwartz on Thursday at 5:00, talking with Leonard Starr Saturday at 4:00, and roasting Lloyd Kaufman Saturday at 6:30.


  1. A friend is picking up a copy of Radioactive Man Trade at the Con.

    Why is there not a Bongo Comis website yet?