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– an exquisitely-produced jammed-with-comics Rock / PopCulture magazine…
+ Patton Oswalt feature interview + Patton cover by Drew Friedman
+ Meet Royal Flush @ Comic-Con and get filmed for Toyota’s HEYA social network

You can meet ROYAL FLUSH Publisher / Editor in Chief Josh Bernstein @ San DiegoComic-Con — will be roaming the Con floor, giving out 100 free copies, and also scouting for illustrators / comic strips for the next issue
*****AND Comics creators, want to show off your stuff to Toyota-drivers? There’s a lot of ’em out there and ROYAL FLUSH’s
Josh Bernstein is documenting the Con for Toyota’s brand new art/social networking site HEYA. Want to get in on it?
email [email protected] to coordinate..

The new issue #5 rocks a Patton Oswalt cover by Drew Friedman; Chip Kidd, Slash, Danzig &Henry Rollins interviews, Art of Iron Maiden+ mounds more… including Mindless Self Indulgence back / flip cover by Cojo!

“A subversive mishmash of music, pop culture and underground art (MediaPost),” ROYAL FLUSH is one of the few “non-comics” pubs to wear its love of comics not only on its sleeves, but in its underpants and all over every issue’s nook and cranny. In an age of photo-driven “sleek” mags, ROYAL FLUSH proudly waves a flagrantly maximalistic illustration-dominant in-your-face flag. Each issue is jammed with illustrations and comics by underground badasses, and each rock-interview feature boasts illustrated portraits instead of just another cool band photo. However if non-PC content makes you queasy, shop elsewhere for your kicks, because the MAD-influenced original ROYAL FLUSH comic Hispanic Batman will LOL you upside the head

Check the eye-ticklin’ trailer for ROYAL FLUSH #5:

“Royal Flush is my new favorite magazine! Music, art, comics, and silly stuff…”
-Tara McPherson, ARTIST

“We’re real psyched about Royal Flush – especially Mikey (Way) he’s freaking out about it! … With all the content you guys have – IT’S INSANE!”

“Royal Flush, espouses an ethos of “music, underground comics, stupid action films, lowbrow art and other socially uplifting subject matter.” The New Yorker this is not! But all the same, the all-stars assembled here are no laughing matter!”

“I wish they had ROYAL FLUSH when I was a kid–I would have stood in front of the mailbox waiting for it.”
-Mike Shinoda, LINKIN PARK

“Royal Flush displays more creativity in its first 25 pages (of Book 4) than most publications do in a year. The pop-culture coverage skewers everything in its path .Treat yourself to a copy of Royal Flush, and enjoy a rare reminder of just how inventive, subversive and wonderfully strange this creaky old genre can be.”
-Larry Dobrow, MEDIAPOST

“Royal flush’s ‘tude is nearly as strong as their design. And their production budget must be astronomical”


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    What does the forum think? do you love the all action superhero? Or do you hate the droning voice of the man who does nothing but action shooters?

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