The Comicbook Artists Guild (CAG) has several new offerings for the summer convention season, including new webcomics, a membership drive at ComicCon International San Diego, and a brand new edition of its anthology, spearheaded by its west coast chapters.

CAG Vice President and West Coast Chairman, Philip Clark, is proud to announce the release of the West Coast Anthology. This sixth offering from the Guild is the first to be created, conceived, and produced by the west coast chapters. “We founded CAG-Los Angeles one year ago,” Clark says, “and the chance to publish our own anthology was based on the suggestion of CAG Creative Director Mark Mazz and the blessing of CAG President Keith Murphey.” Over the past year, Clark and CAG-LA developed a theme, accepted pitches, formed creative teams (with assistance from CAG-Nebraska Coordinator Matt Mundorf), and edited the book. Clocking in at 48 pages of full story, the West Coast Anthology promises enough variety to satisfy both mainstream and indie audiences. CAG Anthology #6’s debut is in July at ComicCon International in San Diego.

But that’s not the only thing the Guild has going on in San Diego. CAG will also have a strong presence at ComicCon as well as a panel on Saturday, July 28th. The afternoon panel (12:30 PM) will serve as an orientation and membership drive to any and all creators interested in joining the Guild. “CAG has had a long history of camaraderie throughout the comic book industry,” says CAG president Keith Murphey. “And San Diego is our best venue to reach out on a national level to further build our membership.” Originally founded in New York and Connecticut, the Comicbook Artists Guild also has chapters in Massachusetts, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, and Southern California. CAG will also be selling books and recruiting new members at Small Press Booth S-11.

The new edition of the anthology and CAG’s preparation for SDCC lay the groundwork for the latest endeavor from the Guild: webcomics. CAG is happy to announce that it is now releasing new stories online. “This way, creators don’t have to wait or rally for an anthology to release their work,” explains Murphey. “Now, all CAG creators, regardless of location, can see their efforts immediately available to an audience.” With membership increasing nationally, the Guild feels it’s a good time to evolve into the new media. CAG is launching its webcomics on Drunk Duck with a preview of the West Coast Anthology and a bonus story from Los Angeles member, Melissa Violet.

CAG #6 – The West Coast Anthology’s debut (48 pages, $5.95) is at ComicCon International San Diego, and it is available at Small Press Booth S-11 and at

The Comicbook Artists Guild Panel is scheduled at 12:30 PM on July 28th in Room #24A at the San Diego Convention Center.

CAG Webcomics can be read at

ComicCon International San Diego is held every year at the San Diego Convention Center, 111 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101. The dates of the 2007 convention are July 25th through July 29th. Please visit the Comic-Con website at for more information.

Contact Keith Murphey at [email protected] for more information.