Robot 6 has an interesting story about a battle of the twitter feeds between the San Diego Comic-Con’s official Twitter feed and one that purports to be a a convention employee with some inside dope called SD Comic Con Expert which is mostly just stuff from other websites. David Glanzer and the con aren’t happy.

Glanzer said this could lead to problems for the con, as the leaked information could effect their relationships with potential guests.

“There may be things that will come to pass, however, some of the information is just random thoughts that have been expressed at meetings for which no official dialogue has been established,” Glanzer said. “Confirming guests and events that we haven’t confirmed may actually have the opposite effect. To ‘leak’ info can jeopardize relationships we have with the individuals and companies who may have planned to attend the show.”

But those aren’t the ONLY two Comic-Con tweet feeds. There’s also sdcomiccon, a feed from Sign ON San Diego which promises Bio News, notes & witty commentary about San Diego Comic-Con International from

A quick search also found comiccon,’s SDCC feed and the more ambitious comiccon09, billed as 5 guys going to ComicCon 2009 San Diego,CA July 22 – July 26th 2009. I guess we’re suppsoed to follow along with their touching and heartwarming story? If so, they are already way behind the curve because everyone we know is already twittering about their diets, hotels, and preferred beverages. Get with it, 5 guys….the story is NOW.


  1. I don’t think there is a problem with people tweeting about Comic-Con. I think the problem stems from someone saying they ARE Comic-Con when they aren’t.

  2. “which is mostly just stuff from other websites”

    kind of funny reading this on The Beat..which is ONLY stuff from other sites!