200806041424Former Marvel editor Andy Schmidt has joined the ranks at IDW. PR:

IDW Publishing is pleased to announce the addition of the newest member to the IDW team. Andy Schmidt has come onboard as the new Senior Editor. Andy will serve as a leader helming several licensed properties but also developing new projects.

Andy started his comics editing career with Marvel Comics under Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, where he quickly rose from assistant to full editor helming such projects as X-Men, X-Factor, Ms. Marvel, and Annihilation. He left Marvel in June of last year to launch his own successful comics-teaching business called Comics Experience and started freelance writing. His combination of skills makes him the perfect candidate for the Senior Editor position at IDW.

“What started as a casual conversation between Chris Ryall and myself about how we approach editing quickly became a job interview. My background is in editing, writing and teaching and Chris liked that combo—thought I’d bring a different voice to my projects,” Schmidt recalls. “Chris introduced me to Ted Adams and the three of us hit it off. IDW is in the storytelling business and has a rich history of exceptional comics created by exceptional creators. I’m glad to be a part of it!”

“Andy’s creative approach to the titles he works on, coupled with their sales success as well as his reputation amongst the creators he’s worked with all mark him as one of the best editors in this business,” said IDW’s Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. “I’m looking forward to putting Andy’s many strengths to good use here. He’s going to be a great addition to the team, which is ultimately going to be a huge boon for fans of our comics, too.”

Look for further announcements about Andy’s particular projects in the weeks ahead.


  1. Comics Experience is continuing!

    I’ll have announcements concerning Comics Experience soon. There’s some really cool stuff coming up. All the classes have been growing and it’s such a pleasure to do that I can’t give it up. The student response has been tremendous.

    Thanks for reading, everyone.