§ If you like your toast on the dark side, this Darth Vader Toaster is for you! And we would be lying if we said we didn’t want one.

Strangesciencefantasy Projectionist
§ Scott Morse blogs:

It’s that time, friends! San Diego Comic Con is mere days away and we’ll be holding down the fort at Booth 4800 with colleagues Jeff Pidgeon, Ronnie del Carmen, and Enrico Casarosa (Bill Presing will be awol this year due to his nuptual celebration). We’ll have plenty of love on hand, including:

*STRANGE SCIENCE FANTASY #1 and #2! We’ll have these books LIMITED TO 50 COPIES (and we won’t be reprinting in this format), signed and numbered, first come, first served. These puppies are printed on high quality paper stock while retaining that traditional floppy comic feel of the 50’s. And to top it off, each book comes with a RANDOM PANEL OF ORIGINAL ART FROM THE STORY IN QUESTION. So that’s 2 books, 2 pieces of original art, signed and numbered. Sold only as a set of two. Any left-overs will be offered exclusively on the blog, but this is a San Diego exclusive for now. Hit me early, like preview night…these might go quick! $50/set

§ Rumored Tokyopop booth and new licenses.

§ We’re informed via Twitter that Ray Friesen and Jimmy Gownley will be at booth #2207, and Friesen will debut Pirate Penguin & Ninja Chicken plush toys.

§ Radical Publishing will be sponsoring reality TV stars Gene and Nick Simmons at their booth. SAW sequel director Darren Bousman will also attend.

§ Toys ‘r’ Us is exhibiting for the first time, with exclusive diaper bags — OOPS, I MEAN TOYS, of course, TOYS.

§ There’s a HAUNTED HOUSE going on in San Diego during the con, in case staying at the Horton Grand or trying to get into Hall H isn’t enough for you.


  1. The toaster is cool… what would be cooler if a cookie press that would use different colored dough to make Darth Vader cookies.

    And props to Toys R Us for selling the convention exclusives online as well.

  2. That toaster is soo funny. I love the “If you like your toast on the dark side” which is hilarious. Seriously, Star Wars came out over thirty years ago. It’s amazing no one had thought of this sooner.

    Add me to the list of those hoping to find it under my tree this Christmas.