Yesterday Deadline got a hot tip that Comic-Con International (which puts on SDCC) and Lionsgate — already thick as thieves over Comic-Con HQ — were brewing up something else: a big awards show, with CCI’s David Glanzer and Lionsgate’s Jen O’Connell the brewmeisters. No details, just a juicy rumor. Reached for comment, Glanzer went to the tap and poured a pint:

Over the years we’ve been contacted by a number of companies hoping to create a Comic-Con awards show, however, for any number of reasons those explorations just didn’t work out. While nothing has been finalized I can say that we have been approached by Lionsgate regarding their hopes of producing a televised Comic-Con specific awards show and their unique understanding of fandom has resulted in talks moving further along than any discussions we’ve ever had on this subject.

So a confirmation but no more details.

On the one hand, everyone has been saying for years the Eisners need a makeover, more starpower, yadda yadda. They’ve definitely picked up the pace in recent years, with improvements like intro music and seating winners a little nearer the stage, but they are still OUR comics awards! Things like Brian Michael Bendis wearing shorts and Maggie Thompson reading the list of people who died are just how we do things in our little tribe! 

I have no idea if this has anything to do with the Eisners, but a big comic book award show would mean everyone would have to wear pants, I would spend a week getting a press credential and Joe Fererra wouldn’t sing. I know I make snark about all those things every year, but believe me, it’s loving snark.

On the OTHER other hand, if comics want to be a big business, you have to think like a big business.

BTW this isn’t the first time Comic-Con has been involved with a more glitzy award presence. For a while their Icon Award, a lifetime achievement type deal, was presented as part of the SPIKE Awards, now long past. The Icon Award continues however.


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