Suddenly Cosplay! Well they weren’t kidding about the crowds and the local kids dressed as their favorite manga characters. We don´t have time for a detailed report today — we’ve just returned from a hike around Montjuic and need to find some cafe con leche. We’re happy to report there have been no further¨”setbacks,” thus far.

We attended the awards ceremony last night, and took several pictures which we’ll eventually post. Our compatriots suggested that the Eisners would be much livelier if they featured an open bar, tapas tables, and well animated montages of the nominees set to The Clash and Oasis. Unfortunately, the livliness afforded by the open bar also added some excess chatter during the winners speeches, so it´s a big trade off. Prado won some kind of big award, as did the great Víctor de la Fuente. Max’s Bardin, Super Realist won a bunch of awards but we don’t know what for.

More later.


  1. Victor de la Fuente received the prize to whole career of the last year.
    The last year could not be given to him because he was ill.

    The complete lista of awards:

    Awards from the voting of the professionals:
    New talent: David Rubín
    Best drawing: Bardín el superrealista, de Max
    Best script: Bardín el superrealista, de Max
    Best comic: Bardín el superrealista, de Max
    Best foreign comic: Ice Haven, de Daniel Clowes
    Best non profesional magazine: Barsowia
    Best magazine: NSLM (edited by Max and Pere Joan)
    Award to the best comic diffusion task: Toni Guiral
    Whole career: Miguelanxo Prado

    Awards by voting from the readers

    New talent: José Antonio Bernal
    Best drawing: El cazador de rayos, de Kenny Ruiz
    Best script: Los reyes elfos, de Víctor Santos
    Best comic: El cazador de rayos, de Kenny Ruiz
    Best foreign comic: Stuck Rubber Baby, de Howard Cruse
    Best non profesiional magazine: Gutter
    Best magazine: Dolmen
    Award to the best comic diffusion task: Álvaro Pons

  2. When I attended the Erlangen Comics Salon in 1994, the awards show was staged in the opera house with an acrobatic comedy troupe before the awards. A nice reception followed (200 people? 300?), and I got to hang around some interesting people like Neil Gaiman and Will Eisner.

    The Euros seem to know what they’re doing. Erlangen was well attended, but it never felt like it was crowded. Lots of publishers with autographing events, and creators doing free sketches (got a nice Uncle Scrooge from Don Rosa, and an abstract self-portrait from Scott McCloud). The nicest thing was the cardboard briefcase you got upon entering the Salon. The most impressive was having the Burgermeister open the event!

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