What were the top 10 most viewed comics on Tapas last year? Read on to find out.

Over the next few days we’re going to be looking at more charts and sales figures to try and get a snapshot of where comics are at. One thing that is definitely a huge trend is the rise in mobile comics platforms –  reading comics on your phone has never been so popular.

Tapas Media is one of the most popular platforms for mobile comics, and in 2019 it celebrated its 5 billionth content view. Its #1 webcomic had over 64 million views in 2019. Billed as “the YouTube for webcomics creators,” Tapas hosts more than  50,000 creators and over 1.2 million original episodes of comics. Comics can be uploaded for free, and monetized in various ways. (We’ll be looking at the economics of mobile comics platforms in more depth in the weeks to come.)

Unlike print comics sales, which are shrouded in mystery and lore, mobile comics views are right there for all to see. Click on any comic and you can see how many supporters and views it has. This system allows discoverability as well as transparency.

It also allows huge readerships, as the number below show. Tapas Media supplied us with the following list of their most popular webcomics for 2019 –  including sample comics. So you get a sales chart and some comics to read – what a deal. Some of the comics are new to the Tapas platform but have huge followings on Instagram and other platforms.

Many thanks to Tapas Media Managing Editor Tessa Murphy and the Tapas Media team for putting together the list of top 10 most viewed comics and supplying the descriptions for each comic.


1 – Erma (64.5m views/74.9k subs): April Fools…

In this series, the young daughter of a ghost goes through all the normal childhood antics – and then some.

April Fools.jpg

sarahs scribbles - top 10 most viewed comics on tapas

2 – Sarah’s Scribbles (46.9m views/176.2k subs): Social Media Behaviors

One of the most popular gag strips on the internet, Sarah’s Scribbles follows the humorous life of its creator.

Social Media Behaviors.jpg


3. Cassandra Comics (27.9m views/92.4k subs): Gender Swap Filter

Cassandra’s gorgeous art and hilarious visuals make this series widely followed.

Gender Swap Filter.jpg

comics cat cocoa - top 10 most viewed comics on tapas

4.Comics Cats Cocoa (3.2m views/11.1k subs): Piling Up Pt. 2 (serious) / Hair and Husbands (funny)

This brilliant series perfectly blends relatable humor with serious issues like body image and anxiety. If you want a reminder that you’re not alone, this series is for you. (click on first comic in each for slideshow.)



5.Mondo Mango (16.8m views/90.8k subs): Stuffy / Coffee

This hilarious and adorable comic follows beloved comic artists (and couple) Kao and CK through their real-life adventures and misadventures.




6. The Pigeon Gazette (13.9m views/62.9k subs): 251

Binging this laugh-out-loud, autobiographical gag strip is so engrossing it’s sure to make you late for something.


7. Brutally Honest (13.8m views/60.1k subs): Full

In funny and relatable strips, this comic follows the artist’s life through love, friendship, mental health, and growing up.



8. Cheer Up, Emo Kid (9m views/38.1k subs): Coming Home / Be Yourself

This bingeable, no-fucks-given series is full of relationship realities and hilarious happenstances.



9. 038e10_aea4b753a2494d2a8a3b3d124b2818de_mv2_d_2244_3130_s_2.jpgOne of Those Days (658.2k views/8.6k subs): It’s a Girl!!!! /Our Valentine’s Day

One of the most popular comics on the internet, One of Those Days is a global phenomenon following the main characters through funny and heartwarming snippets of their relationship, daily lives, and journey to start a family.

Our Valentine's DayIt's a Girl!!!!


10 –  Mr. Lovenstein (6.5m views/20.3k subs): Walkin’ Buds. One of the internet’s favorite gag strips, Mr. Lovenstein doesn’t hold back its dark and relatable humor.

Walkin' Buds.png


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