It’s time for another look at the bestsellers chart from GlobalComix, as ranked by their popularity algorithm, which take into account engagement (e.g. comments, likes, adds to library) in addition to views.
As you can see, many mainstays here, including Invincible, Transformers, The Boys and Love, inks and museum links. New comers include, Relentlessly Bullied Hero, Mona and Veronica, and Red Light from AWA Studios. The Vault scrolling comics have scroleld out of the top ten after a strong debut. 
1 Invincible (Compendium) • Image Comics
2 DIGIMON LIBERATOR • Bandai Card Games
3 TRANSFORMERS • Image Comics
4 The Dragoness Says Sit! • Fafnir Fenn
5 Love, inks and museum links • Kotokot
6 Red Light • AWA Studios
7 Veronica & Mona • DoctorLoops
8 The Walking Dead (Compendium) • Image Comics
9 The Boys • Dynamite Entertainment
10 Relentlessly Bullied Hero • Hero DarkyDark
Of note: The Dragoness Says Sit! has some of the best reader retention from release to release, in addition to one of the better completion rates, across all content on GlobalComix. The story is a humorous tale of a human youth who is taken in by an imperious dragoness. 

And bubbling under this week:

1: COBRA COMMANDER • Image Comics
“WHAT IS THE SECRET OF ENERGON? Cobra Commander isn’t the only one looking to harness the alien energy source known as Energon. That means he has to either take control of the new organization he’s encountered…or destroy them.”

2: ALTRVERSE: Void Silver • Bad Egg Publishing
Magic exists alongside science and technology, and its practitioners dwell in every strata of modern society. Exceptional even among these exceptional individuals is the preternaturally gifted…the iconoclastic…the sarcastic and short-tempered…Marvin the Magnificent!