By Avi Ehrlich

owner of Silver Sprocket radical indie comic book store and publisher

[Editor’s note: we’re once again running some sales chart information for 2023 provided to us from various sources. Last year Avi Ehrlich, owner of the amazing Silver Sprocket  comics shop – and publisher of Silver Sprocket Comics – shared their bestsellers list with us, along with some commentary. And here’s the 2023 edition.]

Here are the sales figures on Silver Sprocket’s 500 top grossing comics of 2023 from our flagship retail storefront in San Francisco, which focuses exclusively on independent, creator owned, and DIY small-press. Aside from the 2023 rankings, we are also sharing how the same titles sold in 2022 and 2021, to show that a quality book has staying power and is worth championing well past its on-sale date.

With an emerging generation of comics readers who grew up on Tumblr, Webtoons, and Manga, our industry must not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by failing to champion the ever diversifying and fantastic world of contemporary comics beyond those owned by aging massive media conglomerate IP farms.

The fierce independence of comic shops in the direct market is its greatest strength and fatal flaw. Despite our frustrations, publishers and distributors are forced to listen and be responsive to the needs of this motley crew. But with limited access to data, we are at a disadvantage to the larger chains who can reference regional trends and implement what works well for one location across the rest of their stores, making it harder for the direct market to recognize breakout indie hits and keep abreast of best practices. The work with metadata being championed by ComicsPro is a step in the right direction, but only the start as we desperately need better granular sales data and communication.

silver sprocket store

To this end I present here one more data point in the form of total transparency about our sales of evergreen banger indie comics worth considering for your shop and personal enjoyment, because at the end of the day this is supposed to be fun!

While you’re at it, give our Silver Sprocket published books a shot. They’re displayed just like everything else in our store and are top sellers simply because they have quality stories, engaging artwork, top notch production quality, and quite simply slay.


Silver Sprocket Indie Comics Sales 2023

RankTitlePublisher2023 Quantity2023 $ Sales2022 Quantity2022 $ Sales2021 Quantity2021 $ Sales
1Don't Go Without Me by Rosemary Valero-O'ConnellShort Box111$2,975.85101$2,795.839$252.00
2A Frog In The Fall by Linnea StertePeow Studio83$2,842.0162$1,664.600$0.00
3Prokaryote Season by Leo FoxSilver Sprocket114$2,756.460$0.000$0.00
4Golden Record by Rosemary Valero-O’ConnellSilver Sprocket135$2,652.730$0.000$0.00
5The Chromatic Fantasy by H.A.Silver Sprocket89$2,530.630$0.000$0.00
6Catboy by Benji NateSilver Sprocket108$2,203.84300$5,945.09284$5,656.87
7Enlightened Transsexual Comix by Sam SzaboSilver Sprocket89$2,150.400$0.000$0.00
8Girl Juice by Benji NateDrawn And Quarterly78$1,908.660$0.000$0.00
9Roaming by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko TamakiDrawn And Quarterly56$1,887.310$0.000$0.00
10Grog the Frog: The Book of Taurus by Alba BG and DaviloriumSilver Sprocket154$1,798.540$0.000$0.00
11Of Thunder & Lightning by Kimberly WangSilver Sprocket119$1,621.260$0.000$0.00
12The Complete Maus: A Survivor's Tale By Art SpiegelmanPantheon44$1,540.0048$1,662.510$0.00
13Loudest and Smartest by Alex KrokusSilver Sprocket51$1,517.5014$410.870$0.00
14Fungirl by Elizabeth PichSilver Sprocket48$1,382.0891$2,694.6037$1,070.65
15Let’s Get Burgers by ash s.Silver Sprocket70$1,346.3339$769.350$0.00
16Cosmoknights by Hannah TemplerTop Shelf Comics69$1,338.3460$1,199.4073$1,443.27
17Thieves by Lucie BryonNobrow Press64$1,321.3315$310.650$0.00
18In Limbo: A Graphic Memoir Novel by Deb JJ LeeFirst Second Books74$1,309.490$0.000$0.00
19Cook Korean! A Comic Book Cookbook By Robin HaPenguin Random House61$1,280.919$179.270$0.00
20Stolen Sharpie Revolution by Alex WrekkSilver Sprocket127$1,275.20100$1,064.51107$1,085.25
21Bowser + Luigi Are In Love by Ariel Slamet RiesShort Box80$1,257.620$0.000$0.00
22American Cult edited by Robyn ChapmanSilver Sprocket50$1,248.27114$2,818.9186$2,061.66
23God is Disappointed in You by Mark Russell and Shannon WheelerTop Shelf Comics59$1,164.0863$1,254.8653$1,054.36
24Stages of Rot by Linnea StertePeow Studio46$1,158.3181$2,011.9168$1,778.11
25Shintaro Kago: ARTBOOK VOL. 2The Mansion Press25$1,150.001$46.000$0.00
26The Magic Fish by Trung Le NguyenRandom House Graphic67$1,128.13114$1,926.6866$1,089.90
27Be Kind, My Neighbor by Yugo LimboSilver Sprocket29$1,089.738$272.930$0.00
28Shuna's Journey by Hayao MiyazakiFirst Second Books39$1,086.020$0.000$0.00
29GLEEM by Freddy CarrascoPeow Studio50$1,084.6064$1,381.6038$803.01
30Monica by Daniel ClowesFantagraphics Books37$1,084.500$0.000$0.00
31Impossible People: A Completely Average Recovery Story by Julia WertzHachette34$1,003.530$0.000$0.00
32Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me by Mariko Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-O'ConnellFirst Second Books52$996.8342$751.9855$978.67
33Matchmaker by Cam MarshallSilver Sprocket44$989.740$0.000$0.00
34Cook Like Your Ancestors: An Illustrated Guide to Intuitive Cooking With Recipes From Around the World by Mariah-Rose MarieSilver Sprocket35$965.690$0.000$0.00
35Puppy Knight: Den of Deception by Michael Sweater and Josue CruzSilver Sprocket75$961.66106$1,355.530$0.00
36On A Sunbeam by Tillie WaldenFirst Second Books43$943.3767$1,473.3374$1,595.37
37Ducks: Two Yeas in the Oil Sands by Kate BeatonDrawn And Quarterly25$906.8621$820.980$0.00
38Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It by ANNE ISHII, GRAHAM KOLBEINS, CHIP KIDDFantagraphics Books26$903.0134$1,186.500$0.00
39Magical Beatdown Vol. 3 by Jenn WoodallSilver Sprocket92$900.1018$178.320$0.00
40The Emotionary by Eden Sher & Juliz WertzPenguin Random House80$899.0113$129.870$0.00
41Uzumaki (3-in-1 Deluxe Edition) by Junji ItoViz Media32$895.6828$764.1418$498.23
42I Thought You Loved Me by MariNaomiField Mouse Press30$894.000$0.000$0.00
43Smut Peddler Presents: My Monster Boyfriend AnthologyIron Circus30$891.0027$797.104$114.00
44Woman World by Aminder DhaliwalDrawn And Quarterly36$885.7254$1,341.0681$1,993.49
45PeePee PooPoo #420 by Caroline CashSilver Sprocket91$879.810$0.000$0.00
46Hell Phone, Book One by Benji NateSilver Sprocket57$844.25154$2,266.100$0.00
47Boy's Weekend by Mattie LubchanskyPantheon30$835.800$0.000$0.00
48The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame: Master of Gay Erotic Manga Vol. 1 by Anne Ishi, Chip Kidd, and Graham KolbeinsFantagraphics Books28$833.7315$446.850$0.00
49Skip (Paperback) by Molly MendozaNobrow Press42$832.5834$668.680$0.00
50Let's Make Ramen! A Comic Book Cookbook By Hugh Amano and Sarah BecanPenguin Random House41$830.008$160.000$0.00
51One Million Tiny Fires by Ashley Robin FranklinSilver Sprocket83$821.5183$825.5167$650.00
52Bloom by Kevin Panetta & Savanna GanucheauFirst Second Books45$808.0529$543.9225$446.15
53Shintaro Kago: ARTBOOKThe Mansion Press22$792.0043$1,544.400$0.00
54The Secret History of Black Punk: Record Zero by Raeghan BuchananSilver Sprocket54$788.980$0.000$0.00
55Making Comic Zines by Eddy AtomsSilver Sprocket160$788.7188$424.1510$10.00
56Hidden Systems: WATER, ELECTRICITY, THE INTERNET, AND THE SECRETS BEHIND THE SYSTEMS WE USE EVERY DAY by Dan NottRandom House Graphic45$787.970$0.000$0.00
57The Cruising Diaries by Brontez Purnell and Janelle HessigSilver Sprocket50$782.7261$969.7658$896.97
58Palestine by Joe SaccoFantagraphics Books31$774.6917$422.3341$987.85
59Tomie Complete Edition by Junji ItoViz Media22$769.7817$594.8313$433.88
60The Well by Jake Wyatt/ChooFirst Second Books41$725.0127$480.340$0.00
61Acid Nun by Corinne HalbertSilver Sprocket24$716.7615$431.880$0.00
62A Guest in the House by Emily CarrollFirst Second Books26$716.560$0.000$0.00
63Flavor Girls by Loïc Locatelli-KournwskyBoom! Studios30$714.720$0.000$0.00
64Ex.Mag vol. 4 "MECHA" from PEOW StudioPeow Studio38$713.0261$1,186.000$0.00
65Let's Make Dumplings! A Comic Book Cookbook By Hugh Amano and Sarah BecanPenguin Random House36$711.656$119.940$0.00
66Cuckoo by Joe SparrowShort Box30$707.570$0.000$0.00
67The Complete Persepolis: 20th Anniversary Edition Hard Cover by Marjane SatrapiPantheon20$700.000$0.000$0.00
68Killed off Queer's Concert DiariesDIY35$691.000$0.000$0.00
69Smut Peddler Presents: Sordid Past Anthology Edited by Andrea PurcellIron Circus24$688.500$0.000$0.00
70The Art of MelfThe Mansion Press20$680.0039$1,322.604$136.00
71Magical Beatdown Vol. 1 by Jenn WoodallSilver Sprocket110$651.66141$837.30101$602.40
72Cosmoknights: Book Two by Hannah TemplerTop Shelf Comics32$639.680$0.000$0.00
73Messy Roots: A Graphic Memoir of a Wuhanese American by Laura GaoHarper Collins45$637.0910$153.400$0.00
74Schappi by Anna HaifischFantagraphics Books38$632.0330$503.750$0.00
75Oh No by Alex NorrisAndrew McMeel Publishing42$628.0878$1,164.7271$1,050.79
76ANXIETY ANXIETY ANXIETY By evyDIY79$627.200$0.000$0.00
77Smut Peddler Presents: Sex MachineIron Circus21$627.012$60.000$0.00
78Mr. Boop by Alec RobbinsSilver Sprocket16$623.8632$1,261.690$0.00
79ish by Adam de SouzaSilver Sprocket42$622.0832$466.210$0.00
80Crossplay by Niki SmithIron Circus42$617.974$60.000$0.00
81Mimosa by Archie BongiovanniAbrams25$609.760$0.000$0.00
82Death Bloom by Yasmeen AbedifardLucky Pocket26$593.776$147.510$0.00
83Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists: A Graphic History of Women's Fight for Their Rights by Mikki Kendall and A. D’AmicoTop Shelf Comics30$593.7116$319.8431$619.69
84Pantheon by Hamish SteeleNobrow Press26$588.6728$636.8628$642.60
85GIRLS by Jenn WoodallSilver Sprocket49$588.0065$763.2068$816.00
86Magical Beatdown Vol. 2 by Jenn WoodallSilver Sprocket74$585.01101$800.4089$708.00
87The Moth Keeper by K. O'NeillRandom House Graphic42$584.090$0.000$0.00
88Things To Do Instead Of Killing Yourself by Emma Jon-Michael FrankFloating World Comics39$580.500$0.000$0.00
89Bay Curious Exploring the Hidden True Stories of the San Francisco Bay Area by Olivia Allen-PriceChronicle Books36$574.200$0.000$0.00
90Sad Girl Space Lizard by Iggy CraigSilver Sprocket29$567.738$149.670$0.00
91Leftstar & the Strange Occurrence by Jean FhilippeSilver Sprocket38$564.520$0.000$0.00
92Clay Bodies: A Collage Zine Vol. 2 by Sarah DuyerSarah Duyer24$564.018$192.000$0.00
93Gender Queer: A Memoir Deluxe Edition by Maia KobabeOni Press23$561.0320$497.310$0.00
94Cosmic Fern by Sarah MaloneyDIY47$556.800$0.0022$264.00
95Fruiting Bodies by Ashley Robin FranklinSilver Sprocket56$552.5534$335.680$0.00
96This One Summer by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko TamakiFirst Second Books29$548.8228$529.8225$474.75
97Fart School by Mel StringerSilver Sprocket23$547.220$0.000$0.00
98Cyberjunk by Jenn WoodallReally Easy Press69$544.000$0.000$0.00
99The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History by David F. Walker and Marcus Kwame AndersonDIY28$543.7340$795.6134$679.66
100Vampire Blood Drive by Mira Ong ChuaMira Ong Chua23$538.4323$540.010$0.00
101Are You Listening? by Tillie WaldenFirst Second Books31$533.4040$719.6027$481.25
102Squire by Nadia Shammas and Sara AlfageehHarper Collins37$532.163$40.470$0.00
103You Will Be Okay by Meggie RammSilver Sprocket113$529.5182$410.00203$988.51
104Garbage Night by Jen LeeNobrow Press28$528.7130$559.0335$661.36
105The World Ends With A Poot! by Sarah MaloneyDIY45$528.6034$405.600$0.00
106Zines by Natalie AndrewsonDIY27$528.0051$1,018.000$0.00
107Fungirl: Vulva Viking by Elizabeth PichSilver Sprocket54$526.980$0.000$0.00
108Sobek by James StokoeShort Box28$525.3635$657.4072$1,167.80
109The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen WangFirst Second Books31$519.0633$560.6733$541.98
110Mindviscosity by Matt FurieFantagraphics Books13$515.8713$519.8724$959.76
111Girl in the World by Caroline CashSilver Sprocket37$514.8380$1,104.5089$1,178.65
112Heaven No Hell by Michael DeForgeDrawn And Quarterly24$511.4415$314.9522$462.05
113Pinky and Pepper Forever by Eddy AtomsSilver Sprocket43$508.8071$838.2028$332.40
114Clay Bodies: A Collage Zine by Sarah DuyerSarah Duyer21$501.6138$906.0011$230.41
115Datura Magazine Issue 2 edited by Sunmi Flowers and Mar JuliaDiskette Press26$501.070$0.000$0.00
116The Contradictions by Sophie YanowDrawn And Quarterly20$499.0011$266.9618$414.18
117The 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance Comic Book by Gord HillArsenal Pulp Press25$496.768$159.600$0.00
118Datura Magazine Issue 1 edited by Sunmi Flowers and Mar JuliaDiskette Press26$495.0814$278.000$0.00
119The Little Book of Life Hacks: How to Make Your Life Happier, Healthier, and More Beautiful by Yumi SakugawaHenry Holt and Co.25$493.7535$699.6518$349.83
120The San Franciscan Magazine: Issue 7The SanFranciscan33$492.010$0.000$0.00
121Making Comics by Lynda BarryDrawn And Quarterly22$491.1327$610.4644$984.56
122Mooncakes: Hardcover Collector's Edition by Suzanne Walker and Wendy XuOni Press20$491.0527$672.236$149.94
123Wont 2 Cant by Ian Mackay and Gavin OwensCold Cube Press14$490.0012$420.0010$350.00
124American Born Chinese by Gene Luen YangFirst Second Books27$489.9410$188.0018$314.83
125A Cat's Day by Genie LiangShort Box19$488.805$130.000$0.00
126Fuck Off Squad: Remastered Edition by Nicole Goux and Dave BakerSilver Sprocket22$481.586$131.940$0.00
127Footnotes in Gaza by Joe SaccoMetropolitan Books13$480.004$160.003$120.00
128Seek You: A Journey Through American Loneliness by Kristen RadtkePantheon16$477.0132$957.007$201.00
129Sensory: Life on the Spectrum, An Autistic Comics AnthologyAndrew McMeel Publishing24$475.778$159.920$0.00
130Stylite by Ian Mackayhi-bred20$475.219$213.600$0.00
131Dungeon Critters by Natalie Riess and Sarah GoetterFirst Second Books32$475.1839$580.1134$500.66
132The Man in the McIntosh Suit by Rina AyuyangDrawn And Quarterly19$474.050$0.000$0.00
133Pipette and Dudley Charming Dog Adventure Comic by Charlotte MeiShort Box24$474.0021$412.0026$514.00
134Everything Sucks: Real Gamer Hours by Michael SweaterSilver Sprocket60$473.010$0.000$0.00
135Secret Lives of Dragons by by Zoya Agnis and Alexander UtkinNobrow Press25$472.8536$683.6415$277.26
136Your Black Friend and Other Strangers by Ben PassmoreSilver Sprocket24$469.0027$521.0162$1,192.00
137Nobrow 10: Studio Dreams AnthologyNobrow Press19$467.5015$375.0019$467.50
138Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia KobabeOni Press26$463.2535$618.8639$698.07
139Space Trash Vol. 1 by Jenn WoodallOni Press21$459.6016$349.640$0.00
140Zodiac Risograph Calendar by Jenn WoodallSilver Sprocket9$459.0014$714.0018$902.70
141Bun's Comfort food by Chu NapShort Box23$456.0040$797.006$116.00
142Melektenjal’s Kingdom : The Art of Davor GromilovićThe Mansion Press13$455.008$276.510$0.00
143Bug Boys by Laura KnetzgerRandom House Graphic33$452.5747$775.4947$683.45
144Marx's Capital Illustrated by by David Smith and Phil EvansHaymarket Books30$450.0028$420.000$0.00
145Smut Peddler Presents: Silver Anthology Edited by Andrea PurcellIron Circus15$450.0020$570.003$90.00
146My Brain is Different: Stories of ADHD and Other Developmental Disorders By MonzusuSeven Seas Entertainment30$449.7040$594.370$0.00
147New World : An Anthology of Sci-Fi Fantasy edited by C. Spike TrotmanIron Circus15$447.004$120.000$0.00
148Cyanide Milkshake by Liz SuburbiaGimme Action23$446.8936$709.2130$576.56
149Fangs by Sarah AndersenAndrew McMeel Publishing30$446.7272$1,077.7812$178.39
150The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist by Adrian TomineDrawn And Quarterly15$446.2514$416.305$145.25
151Maggie the Mechanic: A Love and Rockets Book by Jaime HernandezFantagraphics Books23$444.8017$336.839$159.92
152Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon and Mu Collector's Edition (Hardcover)Penguin Random House18$443.585$122.460$0.00
153It's Lonely at the Centre of the Earth by Zoe ThorogoodImage35$442.982$25.980$0.00
154Suspicious Guys You Should Be Extremely Wary Of... by Tara CaplanDIY26$442.0024$388.0036$576.00
155Joe Death and the Graven Image by Benjamin SchipperDark Horse Comics18$439.820$0.000$0.00
156The Ex-Girlfriend of My Ex-Girlfriend Is My Girlfriend by Maddy Court & Kelsey WrotenChronicle Books22$438.904$79.800$0.00
157Beneath the Moon by Yoshi YoshitaniTen Speed Press25$437.4052$874.280$0.00
158Draw Stronger: Self-Care for Cartoonists & Visual Artists by Kriota WillbergUncivilized Books26$437.3123$388.1537$609.33
159My Favorite Thing Is Monsters by Emil FerrisFantagraphics Books11$435.8915$589.8614$555.86
160Good Boy Magazine #1Silver Sprocket44$430.7874$728.2837$346.65
161Cry Wolf Girl by Ariel RiesShort Box24$428.4023$412.2044$716.00
162Men I Trust by Tommi ParrishFantagraphics Books13$426.915$174.950$0.00
163The Paradox of Getting Better by Raven Lyn ClemensSilver Sprocket33$426.0723$293.570$0.00
164FTL, Y'all! AnthologyIron Circus14$420.0015$435.0023$690.00
165Rice Boy by Evan DahmIron Circus14$420.009$256.200$0.00
166Nimona by ND StevensonDIY28$417.472$29.980$0.00
167Familiar Face by Michael DeForgeDrawn And Quarterly19$417.0521$448.8648$1,012.98
168Hilda: The Wilderness Stories Collection by Luke PearsonNobrow Press14$416.8624$710.770$0.00
169Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn by Ryan HeshkaNobrow Press20$415.8525$512.2333$691.35
170Tetris: The Games People Play by Box BrownFirst Second Books19$415.6110$219.900$0.00
171I Want You by Lisa HanawaltDrawn And Quarterly19$414.8529$618.9929$623.38
172Salmon, Run! by Mackenzie SchubertPeow Studio25$414.809$153.0020$348.60
173Skip by Molly MendozaNobrow Press21$414.790$0.0068$1,510.11
174Lorna by Benji NateSilver Sprocket42$413.9851$510.0059$587.20
175The Antifa Super Soldier Cookbook by Mattie LubchanskySilver Sprocket28$413.7333$484.9340$584.61
176Hark! A Vagrant by Kate BeatonDrawn And Quarterly21$412.9623$454.865$99.75
177The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame: Master of Gay Erotic Manga Vol. 2Fantagraphics Books12$412.8910$349.900$0.00
178The Secret Lives of Unicorns (Paperback) by Dr Temisa Seraphini & Sophie RobinNobrow Press32$411.7813$167.580$0.00
179Everything Sucks: All Cats Go To Hell! by Michael SweaterSilver Sprocket52$410.280$0.000$0.00
180The High Desert by James SpoonerHarper Collins16$410.2621$547.910$0.00
181GNARTOONS by James the StantonSilver Sprocket14$409.8646$1,357.050$0.00
182THE ART OF TONY MILLIONAIRE : GENTLEMEN & ADVENTURESThe Mansion Press11$409.250$0.000$0.00
183Bags (Or A Story Thereof) by Patrick Mchale, Whitney Cogar, Gavin Fullerton, and Marie EngerBoom! Studios33$409.183$38.970$0.00
184PeePee PooPoo #80085 by Caroline CashSilver Sprocket42$409.110$0.000$0.00
185PeePee PooPoo #69 by Caroline CashSilver Sprocket42$408.130$0.000$0.00
186The Moomins and the Great Flood by Tove JanssonDrawn And Quarterly24$406.8028$469.519$152.55
187It's Hard To Be A Person: defeating anxiety, surviving the world and having more fun by Brett NewskiDIY17$405.605$120.000$0.00
188Homunculus by Joe SparrowShort Box22$404.8010$194.0034$672.00
189Monsterama #2 by Allan GravesBuy Olympia20$400.0037$736.0016$314.00
190This Might Hurt Tarot Deck by Isabella RotmanDIY8$400.0012$587.5012$600.00
191I Am Trying To Love You by Emma Jon-Michael FrankFloating World Comics16$399.200$0.000$0.00
192Accidental Czar by Andrew S. Weiss & Brian "Box" BrownFirst Second Books14$397.173$57.980$0.00
193DREAM OF THE BAT BY JOSH SIMMONS & PATRICK KECKThe Mansion Press10$395.906$215.950$0.00
194Museum of Mistakes by Julia WertzUncivilized Books14$395.340$0.000$0.00
195Heart Shaped Tears by Abby JameSilver Sprocket16$392.8551$1,264.5181$1,949.24
196Be Gay Do Comics: Queer History, Memoir, and Satire from The NibThe Nib16$392.3521$521.0525$603.50
197Stone Fruit by Lee LaiFantagraphics Books16$392.359$221.1711$251.16
198My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Nagata KabiDIY28$390.3232$443.510$0.00
199Hilda: The Trolberg Stories by Luke PearsonNobrow Press13$389.870$0.000$0.00
200Year of the Rabbit by Tian VeasnaDrawn And Quarterly13$386.3511$329.4518$534.60
201Syllabus: Notes from an accidental professor by Lynda BarryDrawn And Quarterly17$385.5527$617.3631$691.94
202Rituals by Nicole GouxSilver Sprocket30$384.530$0.000$0.00
203Big Kids by Michael DeForgeDrawn And Quarterly24$383.0726$431.3839$655.97
204I Want to Be Your Doll by Mira Ong ChuaMira Ong Chua17$383.000$0.000$0.00
205Out of Style by Dewi Putri MegawatiShort Box13$382.390$0.000$0.00
206Nether Realms Sci Fi Non Binary Anthology for Gender ExplorersDiscord Comics14$380.800$0.000$0.00
207I See a Knight by Xulia VicenteShort Box19$380.0016$312.002$40.00
208Pokko & The Drum By Matt ForsytheSimon and Schuster22$379.5921$377.790$0.00
209Coyote Doggirl by Lisa HanawaltDrawn And Quarterly17$378.6616$367.2028$642.60
210Hungry ghost by Victoria YingFirst Second Books21$377.790$0.000$0.00
211Satanic Feminism by S KatzSilver Sprocket62$376.6384$559.44119$792.54
212Illustoria Vol. 19 CATS AND DOGSIllustoria24$375.214$64.000$0.00
213Brian Blomerth's Bicycle DayAnthology Editions13$374.933$90.000$0.00
214Wash Day Diaries by Jamila Rowser and Robyn SmithHachette19$373.0618$352.860$0.00
215Upgrade Soul by Ezra Claytan DanielsOni Press19$372.8232$626.365$99.95
216Neurocomic by Dr Hana Roš and Dr Matteo FarinellaNobrow Press21$370.5811$197.890$0.00
217Next World Tarot: Hardcover Art CollectionSilver Sprocket8$367.5112$600.0016$795.01
218Beta Testing the Ongoing Apocalypse by Tom Kaczynski & Christopher BrownFantagraphics Books15$367.3515$374.850$0.00
219Coming Back by Jessi ZabarskyPenguin Random House22$366.651$15.300$0.00
220A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities by Mady G and J.R. ZuckerbergOni Press37$366.6318$174.3239$385.62
221THE GREAT ESCAPE Art Book by RELMBaron Books3$366.000$0.000$0.00
222Fata Morgana by Jon VermilyeaThe Mansion Press16$365.7018$409.4011$253.00
223Billionaires: The Lives of the Rich and Powerful by Darryl CunninghamDrawn And Quarterly15$360.5127$673.6514$349.30
224Asterios Polyp by David MazzucchelliPantheon8$360.005$219.603$121.50
225Yes, Roya: Color Edition by Emilee Denich and C. Spike TrotmanIron Circus24$360.0040$600.007$102.75
226Movements and Moments by Sonja EismannDrawn And Quarterly12$359.402$59.900$0.00
227Alone in Space: A Collection by Tillie WaldenAvery Hill Publishing11$359.1520$654.063$98.85
228The Secret Lives of Mermaids by Anja Sušanj, Professor Anuk TolaNobrow Press19$358.1630$568.5012$227.40
229The San Franciscan Magazine: Issue 8The SanFranciscan24$357.760$0.000$0.00
230The Worst Journey in the World by Sarah AirriessDIY18$357.352$49.980$0.00
231Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art By Scott McCloudHarper Collins14$356.0714$356.070$0.00
232Your Mother's Fox by Niv SekarShort Box21$355.3013$221.004$68.00
233Belle of the Ball by Mari CostaFirst Second Books20$354.410$0.000$0.00
234The Treasure of the Black Swan by Paco RocaFantagraphics Books13$353.895$149.950$0.00
235Prayer to Saint Therese by Alabaster PizzoPerfectly Acceptable Press15$352.4324$585.001$0.00
236The Book of the Fed: The Dark Arts Cookery by Dennis Jones Jr.Fake Publishing Millionaires22$352.005$80.000$0.00
237Magical Boy Volume 1 by The KaoScholastic22$351.7822$337.780$0.00
238ORCS! by Christine LarsenBoom! Studios24$351.522$29.980$0.00
239The Complete Eightball 1-18 by Daniel ClowesFantagraphics Books7$344.931$49.990$0.00
240The Joy of Quitting by Keiler RobertsDrawn And Quarterly14$344.300$0.000$0.00
241The Sucker by Elle ShiversSilver Sprocket22$343.790$0.000$0.00
242Radlands: Pinups by El Sub Liz SuburbiaSilver Sprocket69$340.4980$397.2564$315.01
243Bébaak by Jasjyot Singh HansTiny Splendor9$340.008$320.006$240.00
244How Do You Smoke A Weed? by OwlinIron Circus34$340.0046$457.5025$250.00
245Night Bus by Zou MaDrawn And Quarterly10$339.0126$905.218$279.60
246Monsterama #1 by Allan GravesBuy Olympia17$337.0148$952.0018$360.00
247Flung Out Of Space by Grace Ellis and Hannah TemplerHachette15$336.369$219.910$0.00
248Chainmail Bikini Anthology edited by Hazel NewlevantHazel Newlevant17$336.0117$338.0025$500.00
249Lore Olympus: Volume 1 by Rachel SmythePenguin Random House17$335.834$79.960$0.00
250Beautiful Darkness by Fabien Vehlmann & KerascoëtDrawn And Quarterly19$334.7633$590.5528$497.21
251EXXXS Sketchbook by Tom Neely (NSFW, cw: smut, D/s, bondage)Silver Sprocket11$330.007$210.003$87.01
252The Heartstopper Yearbook by Alice OsemanScholastic15$329.853$65.970$0.00
253Banned Book Club by Kim Hyun Sook, Ko Hyung-Jo, and Ryan EstradaIron Circus22$328.5029$414.0367$1,001.46
254Hilda: Night of the Trolls by Luke PearsonNobrow Press10$325.850$0.000$0.00
255Becoming Horses by Disa WallanderDrawn And Quarterly15$323.609$180.151$22.95
256Across a Field of Starlight by Blue DelliquantiPenguin Random House14$321.672$47.980$0.00
257Juniper Mae: Knight of Tykotech City by Sarah SohNobrow Press25$320.870$0.000$0.00
258Codex Seraphinianus 40th Anniversary Edition by Luigi SerafiniPenguin Random House2$320.000$0.000$0.00
259The Witch Boy by Molly Knox OstertagScholastic25$319.5533$427.3727$342.94
260Cryptid Club By Sarah AndersenSimon and Schuster19$319.420$0.000$0.00
261The Art of Drag by Helen Li, Jake Hall, Jasjyot Singh Hans, Sofie BirkinNobrow Press15$319.4151$1,145.2076$1,693.71
262Our Members Be Unlimited: A Comic about Workers and Their Unions by Sam WallmanUncivilized Books13$319.366$149.700$0.00
263San Expedito by Raul HigueraHot Sprocket Press24$318.560$0.000$0.00
264Patience & Esther: An Edwardian Romance by SW SearleIron Circus16$318.0016$315.0013$253.02
265A Matter of Pride by Nectarine PitDIY16$317.000$0.000$0.00
266Night Hunters by Alexis Ziritt and Dave BakerFloating World Comics16$315.2133$648.370$0.00
267No Longer Human by Junji ItoViz Media9$315.000$0.000$0.00
268Cannabis by Box BrownFirst Second Books13$314.8714$347.3610$224.91
269Heartstopper Volume 1 by Alice OsemanScholastic21$314.7965$972.860$0.00
270Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume by Jeff SmithCartoon Books7$314.6515$674.250$0.00
271Displacement by Kiku HughesFirst Second Books15$313.6617$305.8320$354.40
272Glaeolia 3 by VariousGlacier Bay Books9$311.505$171.500$0.00
273Family Style: Memories of an American from Vietnam by Thien PhamFirst Second Books18$311.230$0.000$0.00
274Yummy: a History of Desserts by Victoria Grace ElliottPenguin Random House24$310.463$36.200$0.00
275Kisses For Jet: A Coming-of-Gender Story BY Joris Bas BackerNobrow Press16$309.8510$197.900$0.00
276The Nib Issue 8: DrugsThe Nib21$309.7526$387.009$135.00
277Rock Collector by Becca TobinSilver Sprocket53$309.0928$165.920$0.00
278NOW #12: The New Comics AnthologyFantagraphics Books24$307.880$0.000$0.00
2795 Worlds Book 1: The Sand Warrior By Mark Siegel and Alexis Siegel Illustrated by Xanthe Bouma, Matt Rockefeller and Boya SunRandom House Graphic24$305.9118$233.820$0.00
280Embroideries by Marjane SatrapiPantheon21$304.9926$373.750$0.00
281She Would Feel The Same by Emma HunsingerShort Box16$300.0034$671.0037$675.00
282Witches: The Complete Collection (Omnibus) By Daisuke IgarashiSeven Seas Entertainment12$299.880$0.000$0.00
283Girl From The Sea by Molly Knox OstertagScholastic20$299.8043$644.5733$492.43
284Grass by Keum Suk Gendry-KimDrawn And Quarterly10$299.5012$359.407$209.65
285Showa 1926-1939 by Shigeru MizukiDrawn And Quarterly10$299.500$0.000$0.00
286Putin's Russia by Darryl CunninghamDrawn And Quarterly12$299.4015$349.300$0.00
287The Epic of Gilgamesh By Kent H. DixonPenguin Random House15$299.253$59.850$0.00
288Blackbird Days by Manuele FiorFantagraphics Books13$298.873$66.680$0.00
289Mayor Good Boy by Miranda Harmon and Dave ScheidtRandom House Graphic31$298.2028$279.7211$109.89
290Girl Town by Casey NowakTop Shelf Comics15$297.8622$428.791$19.99
291Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration by written by Bryan Caplan; illustrated by Zach WeinersmithFirst Second Books15$297.8616$299.8527$537.73
292The Girl from HOPPERS: A Love and Rockets Book by Jamie HernandezFantagraphics Books15$297.8619$371.821$19.99
293The Arab of the Future: A Childhood in the Middle East, 1978-1984 by Riad SattoufMacmillan12$297.000$0.000$0.00
294Going Remote a Teacher's JourneySeven Stories Press16$295.610$0.000$0.00
295Sleepwalking by Lauren MongerSilver Sprocket60$293.9964$318.2556$279.25
296Taproot: A Story about a Gardener and a Ghost by Keezy YoungOni Press19$292.6130$470.100$0.00
297Garlic and the Vampire by Bree PaulsonHarper Collins23$290.972$25.980$0.00
298Leaving Richard's Valley by Michael DeForgeDrawn And Quarterly9$289.964$123.507$197.71
299Last Chance to Find Duke by Shang ZhangPeow Studio19$289.602$28.900$0.00
300Pond Life by H. GoodspeedBuy Olympia10$288.0011$324.008$231.00
301Frankie Comics by Rachel DukesOni Press16$287.844$71.960$0.00
302The Changeling, Volume 1 by Tina LugoSilver Sprocket21$286.0920$279.800$0.00
303Paranoir by Raul HigueraDIY20$285.0017$253.500$0.00
304Spooky Babes Art Book by Peo MichieDIY13$281.5934$739.2012$260.70
305Unimpressed by Miranda TacchiaFantagraphics Books10$281.1612$359.887$209.93
306The Pleasure of the Text by Sami AlwaniConundrum Press14$280.0032$631.0110$196.00
307Spa by Erik Svetoft Translated by Melissa BowersFantagraphics Books8$279.920$0.000$0.00
308Berlin by Jason LutesDrawn And Quarterly7$279.657$279.6516$639.20
309Am I Overthinking This by Michelle RialChronicle Books19$279.570$0.000$0.00
310Peña Comix by Andrew PeñaSilver Sprocket32$278.707$62.930$0.00
311The Nib Issue 15: The FutureThe Nib19$278.260$0.000$0.00
312Science Comics: Bridges - Engineering Masterpieces by Dan ZettwochFirst Second Books15$275.851$21.990$0.00
313Moomin and the Comet by Tove JanssonDrawn And Quarterly28$275.6126$256.226$56.71
314Cannonball by Kelsey WrotenUncivilized Books11$274.4515$366.2624$591.30
315They Called Us Enemy by George TakeiTop Shelf Comics14$273.8625$496.7629$559.72
316Snakepit's Big Adventure: Daily Diary Comics 2019-2021 by Ben SnakepitSilver Sprocket11$272.390$0.000$0.00
317Tarot of the Divine Handbook by Yoshi YoshitaniTen Speed Press16$271.844$66.270$0.00
318A Self Defense Study Guide for Trans Women and Gender Non-Conforming / Nonbinary AMAB FolksSilver Sprocket70$271.75107$503.2696$268.00
319Naked Body: An Anthology of Chinese Comics edited by Yan CongParadise Systems13$271.7118$391.600$0.00
320Hooky Volume 1 by Miriam Bonastre TurHarper Collins21$271.491$12.990$0.00
321Final Testament to the Moon 1 by Sayaka MogiGlacier Bay Books15$270.0011$196.200$0.00
322The Nib Issue 12: CitiesThe Nib18$270.0022$325.500$0.00
323Ping Pong, Vol. 1 By Taiyo MatsumotoViz Media9$269.910$0.000$0.00
324The Fire Never Goes Out: A Memoir in Pictures (Softcover) by ND StevensonHarper Collins18$269.820$0.000$0.00
325Snapdragon by Kat LeyhFirst Second Books21$268.9045$576.7724$311.76
326The Nib Issue 13: WorkThe Nib18$268.500$0.000$0.00
327The Crossroads at Midnight by Abby HowardIron Circus15$268.2022$394.216$108.00
328Spinning by Tillie WaldenFirst Second Books15$268.058$141.236$107.94
329Mountebank by D.W.Fantagraphics Books11$267.5016$400.009$225.00
330Megahex by Simon HanselmannFantagraphics Books9$266.9215$434.8616$475.35
331Codex Black: A Fire Amongst Clouds by Camilo MoncadaIDW16$265.050$0.000$0.00
332Wild! Or So I Was Born To Be by Cristian CasteloOni Press12$263.931$29.990$0.00
333Ex.Mag vol. 3 "DARK FANTASY: Crumbling Kingdom" from PEOW PressPeow Studio13$260.0034$663.0059$1,086.35
334Skeletor's Guide To Self-Care by Eternia PressDIY26$260.0018$179.0037$370.00
335You Died: An Anthology of the Afterlife Edited by Kel McDonald and Andrea PurcellIron Circus13$260.0014$280.000$0.00
336Camp Spirit by Axelle LenoirTop Shelf Comics13$259.8720$399.8019$377.82
337A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovanni and Tristan JimersonOni Press33$259.6829$220.5250$384.33
338Fangs With Benefits by Kendra & KatKendra&Kat26$259.004$40.000$0.00
339New Pets by Jesse JacobsFloating World Comics9$256.500$0.000$0.00
340Ghost World by Daniel ClowesFantagraphics Books17$254.830$0.008$118.43
341Let's Summon Demons A Creepy Coloring and Activity Book by Steven RhodesHachette20$253.8274$948.590$0.00
342LSBN by Emma JayneSilver Sprocket17$253.340$0.000$0.00
343GYO (2-in-1 Deluxe Edition) by Junji ItoViz Media11$252.895$114.950$0.00
344Remina by Junji ItoViz Media11$252.8916$367.8422$505.78
345Boy Meets Maria By PeyoDIY18$251.825$67.860$0.00
346Garlic and the Witch by Bree PaulsonHarper Collins18$250.433$41.970$0.00
347Tinderella by M.S. HarknessUncivilized Books17$249.6512$168.5713$192.10
348Unflattening by Nick SousanisDIY10$249.600$0.000$0.00
349Nightlights by Lorena AlvarezNobrow Press24$248.7919$207.7228$300.57
350Sabrina by Nick DrnasoDrawn And Quarterly9$248.765$139.755$139.75
351Meesh the Bad Demon #1 by Michelle LamPenguin Random House18$248.330$0.000$0.00
352SAD BOY BUNDLE by Simon JaneDIY26$248.000$0.000$0.00
353What the What the Font?! - A Manga Guide to Western Typeface by Kuniichi AshiyaSeven Seas Entertainment19$247.6227$375.630$0.00
354Ephemera: A Memoir by Briana LoewinsohnFantagraphics Books10$247.410$0.000$0.00
355No One Returns From The Enchanted Forest by Robin RobinsonFirst Second Books16$246.8417$259.5820$299.80
356Dragon Hoops by Gene Luen YangFirst Second Books10$246.1612$296.1417$419.83
357Super Mutant Magic Academy by Jillian TamakiDrawn And Quarterly11$245.5617$387.8536$805.54
358Frizzy by Claribel A. OrtegaFirst Second Books19$245.522$25.980$0.00
359Cicatrix by ElleSilver Sprocket19$245.5114$181.860$0.00
360Goblin Girl by Moa RomanovaFantagraphics Books10$244.9113$318.6213$308.63
361Come Together: A European Anthology of Erotic ComicsDiscord Comics10$243.760$0.000$0.00
362Ms Davis: A Graphic Biography by Sybille Titeux de la Croix, Amazing Ameziane, Jenna Allen (Translator)Fantagraphics Books10$241.160$0.000$0.00
363My Stupid Life by Mitch ClemSilver Sprocket10$241.160$0.000$0.00
364Fanlee and Spatzle Make Something PerfectSilver Sprocket20$240.0024$284.4022$258.00
365Nobrow 9: Oh It's So Quiet AnthologyNobrow Press10$240.004$100.004$100.00
366This Must Be The Place: A Please Keep Warm Collection by Michael SweaterSilver Sprocket12$240.0021$418.0026$430.00
367Eighty Days by A.C Esguerraarchaia8$239.926$179.940$0.00
368Seeds And Stems by Simon HanselmannFantagraphics Books8$239.927$209.9322$659.78
369Theater of Terror! Revenge of the QueersDIY8$239.920$0.000$0.00
370Bea Wolf by Zach Weinersmith and BouletFirst Second Books12$239.880$0.000$0.00
371Sensor by Junji ItoViz Media12$239.8816$313.840$0.00
372Sports Is Hell By Ben PassmoreSilver Sprocket15$239.7329$410.0432$465.75
373Witchy Vol. 1 By Ariel Slamet RiesOni Press16$238.3423$338.020$0.00
374Dog Biscuits by Alex GrahamFantagraphics Books7$237.934$136.460$0.00
375Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life by Ellen ForneyFantagraphics Books12$237.8813$252.9011$207.90
376Pee Pee Poo Poo #69 by Caroline CashSilver Sprocket24$237.270$0.000$0.00
377Home Sweet Homepage by SailorhgDIY12$237.008$143.740$0.00
378Good Boy Magazine #2Silver Sprocket24$236.7789$865.310$0.00
379Where Black Stars Rise by Nadia Shammas and Marie EngerMacmillan12$235.881$19.990$0.00
380The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott by Zoe ThorogoodAvery Hill Publishing13$234.9914$265.301$18.95
381Cats of the Louvre by Taiyo MatsumotoViz Media8$233.927$209.937$200.93
382Sapiens, Vol. 1 A Graphic History: The Birth of Mankind by By Yuval Noah HarariHarper Collins9$233.910$0.000$0.00
383Hidden Systems: WATER, ELECTRICITY, THE INTERNET, AND THE SECRETS BEHIND THE SYSTEMS WE USE EVERY DAY by Dan NottPenguin Random House13$233.870$0.000$0.00
384The Tea Dragon Society (Hardcover) by Katie O'NeillOni Press13$233.873$53.977$125.93
385Everything Sucks #1 by Michael SweaterSilver Sprocket47$233.2958$327.930$0.00
386Hooky Volume 2 by Miriam Bonastre TurHarper Collins18$232.523$38.970$0.00
387A Quick & Easy Guide to Asexuality by Molly Muldoon and Will HernandezOni Press24$231.7718$176.830$0.00
388Demons: Bloodlust by Hyena HellSilver Sprocket17$230.835$65.750$0.00
389Shiver by Junji ItoViz Media10$229.9021$482.7912$275.88
390The Anticapitalist Magic of Self Love by Pretty Boi ZinesDIY75$229.850$0.000$0.00
391Please Destroy My Enemies by Michael SweaterSilver Sprocket23$229.0028$275.0136$355.00
392Birds of Maine by Michael DeForgeDrawn And Quarterly7$228.949$304.010$0.00
393Keeping Two by Jordan CraneFantagraphics Books8$227.923$89.970$0.00
394Making Comics by Scott McCloudHarper Collins9$227.421$25.990$0.00
395Mina by Matt ForsytheSimon and Schuster13$226.689$161.910$0.00
396Avocado Ibuprofen by Jaakko PallasvuoPerfectly Acceptable Press9$225.0012$287.507$170.00
397Safe Area Goražde by Joe SaccoFantagraphics Books9$224.917$174.9314$349.86
398The Hard Tomorrow by Eleanor DavisDrawn And Quarterly9$224.5516$394.2117$424.15
399My Little Occult Book Club: A Creepy Collection by Steven RhodesHachette15$224.2542$624.9124$358.80
4005 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love BY ZENIKO SUMIYASeven Seas Entertainment16$223.8412$167.880$0.00
401CRIMEHOT #1 by Alec RobbinsDIY23$223.0013$128.500$0.00
402Hot Dog Taste Test by Lisa HanawaltDrawn And Quarterly10$222.6241$929.9330$688.50
403The Agency by Katie SkellyFantagraphics Books9$222.420$0.000$0.00
404Fangs With Benefits Zine Pack #1 by Kendra & KatKendra&Kat28$222.406$47.200$0.00
405The Golden Age Book 1 by Roxanne MoreilFirst Second Books8$221.9413$371.870$0.00
4068-bit Porn Video Games by Masala NoirMamama Paris8$221.850$0.000$0.00
407Die Horny by Rebecca MockBulgilhan Press20$221.419$105.600$0.00
408Aeon 6 by Jules NalebPeow Studio17$221.0018$234.009$117.00
409Leon Trotsky: An Illustrated Introduction by Tariq Ali and Phil EvansHaymarket Books14$220.808$120.000$0.00
410The Nib Issue 1: DeathThe Nib15$220.5023$339.0019$285.00
411Hi-Fructose Vol. 68Hi-Fructose17$220.150$0.000$0.00
412Ballad for Sophie By Filipe Melo Iand Juan Cavia, Translated by Gabriela SoaresTop Shelf Comics9$219.915$102.740$0.00
413The Tea Dragon Tapestry (Hardcover) by Katie O'NeillOni Press10$219.903$65.971$21.99
414Justice Warriors by Matt Bors and Ben ClarksonSimon and Schuster11$219.890$0.000$0.00
415Comics Will Break Your Balls Volume 2 by Sam SzaboDIY15$219.753$45.006$90.00
416Fungirl: You Are Revolting by Elizabeth PichSilver Sprocket38$219.5320$116.800$0.00
417My Wandering Warrior Existence By Nagata KabiSeven Seas Entertainment15$219.3226$384.490$0.00
418Apple Crush by Lucy KnisleyRandom House Graphic17$218.2314$177.970$0.00
419Abolish Work by Prole.infoPM Press22$217.9125$244.7629$285.56
420Grease Bats by Archie BongiovanniOni Press11$217.909$179.9115$297.86
421Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam by Simon HanselmannFantagraphics Books11$217.8910$199.9012$239.88
422One! Hundred! Demons! by Lynda BarryDrawn And Quarterly10$217.312$43.908$172.31
423Work-Life Balance by Aisha FranzDrawn And Quarterly9$217.070$0.000$0.00
424Werewolf Jones & Sons Deluxe Summer Fun Annual by Simon HanselmannFantagraphics Books11$216.900$0.000$0.00
425Jeanie Goes To The Moon by Kelly FicarraLucky Pocket11$216.000$0.000$0.00
426For the Love of God, Marie! by Jade SarsonHarper Collins13$215.273$50.850$0.00
427Celestia by Manuelle FiorFantagraphics Books8$212.4411$314.8910$299.90
428Backroom by Yann TailleferThe Mansion Press9$212.4018$432.000$0.00
429CHECK, PLEASE! Book 1: # HOCKEY by Ngozi UkazuFirst Second Books12$212.289$161.910$0.00
430Let's Make Dumplings! A Comic Book Cookbook By Hugh Amano and Sarah BecanTen Speed Press10$211.960$0.000$0.00
431Baby in the Boneyard by Jesse JacobsFloating World Comics14$210.0027$399.0020$295.50
432Drawing Boundaries by Christina HuDIY15$210.007$98.000$0.00
433I Can't Cum (It's Fine) by Christina HuDIY15$210.0011$151.900$0.00
434Shubeik Lubeik by Deena MohamedPenguin Random House6$210.000$0.000$0.00
435The Nib Issue 4: ScamsThe Nib14$210.0027$405.0010$148.50
436Real Deal Comix by Lawrence Hubbard and H.P. McElweeFantagraphics Books7$209.939$257.920$0.00
437Acting Class by Nick DrnasoDrawn And Quarterly7$209.657$209.650$0.00
438Smoke Signal 40 edited by Gabe FowlerDesert Island Comics21$209.000$0.000$0.00
439Hilda's Book of Beasts and Spirits By Emily Hibbs Illustrated by Jason Chan, P.L.Nobrow Press11$208.890$0.000$0.00
440Radium Girls by CyIron Circus14$208.516$90.000$0.00
441Sapiens, Vol. 2 A Graphic History: The Pillars of Civilization by By Yuval Noah HarariHarper Collins8$207.920$0.000$0.00
442The Complete Persepolis by Marjane SatrapiPantheon8$207.6039$978.318$207.60
443Shortcomings by Adrian TomineDrawn And Quarterly13$207.3517$271.158$127.60
444Hi-Fructose Vol. 66Hi-Fructose16$207.200$0.000$0.00
445The Science of Surfing: A Surfside Girls Guide to the Ocean by Kim DwinellPenguin Random House21$206.790$0.000$0.00
446Maybe This Will Help: How to Feel Better When Things Stay the Same by Michelle RialChronicle Books14$204.820$0.000$0.00
447Brush Paradise by Mathilde KittehPeow Studio13$204.8013$208.0014$220.00
448My Dirty Dumb Eyes by Lisa HanawaltDrawn And Quarterly9$204.2511$245.5719$432.61
449My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 1 by Nagata KabiDIY14$204.1914$203.872$29.98
450The Chaos of Enlightenment by Cristy C. RoadSilver Sprocket18$204.0024$286.8022$264.00
451The Clitoris by Rikke VilladsenFantagraphics Books7$203.946$173.950$0.00
452The Cosmic Ballad of Layla and Airy by Mira Ong ChuaMira Ong Chua14$203.260$0.000$0.00
453Boys Run the Riot 1 By Keito GakuKodansha16$202.6431$394.240$0.00
454SFSX (Safe Sex), vol. 2: Terms of Service by Tina HornImage12$202.1816$263.361$16.99
455Cavity by Michelle TheodoreShort Box8$200.209$234.004$104.00
456Think I've Still Got It! by Wang XXParadise Systems8$200.0022$547.500$0.00
457The Meat Cake Bible by Dame DarcyFantagraphics Books4$199.966$299.940$0.00
458Ultrasound by CONOR STECHSCHULTEFantagraphics Books5$199.957$199.950$0.00
459Apocrypha Now by Mark Russell and Shannon WheelerTop Shelf Comics10$199.9024$479.769$179.91
460The Liminal Zone by Junji ItoViz Media10$199.9016$299.850$0.00
461Sweet Time by Weng PixinDrawn And Quarterly8$199.606$149.704$99.80
462The Waiting by Keum Suk Gendry-KimDrawn And Quarterly8$199.603$74.850$0.00
463This is How I Disappear by Mirion MalleDrawn And Quarterly8$199.608$195.853$74.85
464Al Dente by Grayson BearSilver Sprocket29$198.8623$158.680$0.00
465Us by Sara SolerPenguin Random House10$197.910$0.000$0.00
466Himawari House by Harmony BeckerFirst Second Books11$197.8912$214.091$17.99
467The Phantom Twin by Lisa BrownFirst Second Books11$197.8916$286.0415$269.85
468Dear Basil By Steph Bulante and Sara HagstromLucky Pocket8$197.508$188.771$25.00
469We Live on Earth by Pa-LuisLucky Pocket8$197.5011$275.000$0.00
470The Reddest Rose: Romantic Love from the Ancient Greeks to Reality TV Liv StrömquistFantagraphics Books8$197.430$0.000$0.00
471What It Is by Lynda BarryDrawn And Quarterly8$197.1117$416.6618$446.61
472Everyone Is Tulip by Dave Baker, Nicole Goux and EllieDark Horse Comics10$196.9018$357.8212$233.89
473Through The Woods by Emily CarrollSimon and Schuster11$196.100$0.000$0.00
474Dear Sara, 1997, Summer by OhutonGlacier Bay Books13$195.007$102.012$30.00
475Nothing Nice To Say: Complete Discography by Mitch ClemSilver Sprocket8$194.937$167.436$149.94
476Tales of a Seventh-Grade Lizard Boy by Jonathan HillPenguin Random House13$194.870$0.000$0.00
477Little Tunny’s Snail Diaries by Grace GogartySilver Sprocket8$193.6721$517.290$0.00
478Séance Tea Party by Reimena YeeRandom House Graphic15$193.5530$389.7019$245.52
479Superliked by SeosieDIY13$193.500$0.000$0.00
480The Bad Mood and the Stick by Lemony Snicket and Matthew ForsytheHachette11$192.5031$545.100$0.00
481Dissolving Classroom By Junji ItoPenguin Random House13$192.351$12.950$0.00
482A Pros and Cons List for Strong Feelings by Will Betke-BrunswickTin House11$192.342$33.860$0.00
483Boundless by Jillian TamakiDrawn And Quarterly8$192.113$74.858$199.60
484ANALWIZARDS: A Comic Game Book by Genchi BrothersFloating World Comics13$192.000$0.000$0.00
485MINÖTAAR by Lissa TreimanShort Box12$192.0016$251.2019$255.41
486Nobrow 8: Hysteria AnthologyNobrow Press8$192.008$192.007$168.00
487On My Way by Lisa FasolLucky Pocket13$192.008$120.000$0.00
488Heaven's Door: Extra Works by Keiichi KoikeLast Gasp10$191.5115$283.510$0.00
489Mage and the Endless Unknown by SJ MillerOni Press13$191.250$0.000$0.00
490Nectar Trans Femme & Non Binary Erotic Comics AnthologyDiscord Comics8$190.000$0.000$0.00
491Sugar Town by Hazel NewlevantHazel Newlevant19$190.0015$149.0032$317.50
492Black Star by Eric GloverHachette10$189.9014$325.861$24.99
493TideSong by Wendy XuHarper Collins15$189.652$25.980$0.00
494Yes I'm Flagging by Archie BongiovanniSilver Sprocket38$188.7563$312.0054$270.00
495Shotgun Seamstress: An Anthology by Osa AtoePenguin Random House5$188.000$0.000$0.00
496BTTM FDRS by Ezra Claytan Daniels & Ben PassmoreFantagraphics Books8$187.448$196.1825$614.75
497After The Rain By Nnedi Okorafor Illustrator David BrameAbrams11$186.890$0.000$0.00
498Pixels of You by Ananth Hirsh, Yuko Ota, and J.R. DoyleAbrams11$186.890$0.000$0.00
499Boy's Club by Matt FurieFantagraphics Books10$185.9134$671.6732$611.69
500No One Else by R. Kikuo JohnsonFantagraphics Books11$184.341$16.990$0.00

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  1. RE: ” But with limited access to data, we are at a disadvantage to the larger chains who can reference regional trends and implement what works well for one location across the rest of their stores, making it harder for the direct market to recognize breakout indie hits and keep abreast of best practices”

    It is my belief that BookScan data shows that there are effectively few “breakout indie hits” in larger chains?

  2. Brian, I think the point is that there are “breakout indie hits” within the relatively small world of people interested in smaller-press/alternative comics (“Frog in the Fall” and “Stages of Rot” being good examples), but that (without retailers like Silver Sprocket publishing their sale figures) most direct-market comic shops – let alone chain bookstores – don’t even realize that these comics exist, so the comics don’t have the chance to reach a wider audience and achieve greater sales.

  3. Well, I will strongly disagree that “most direct-market comic shops don’t even realize these comics exist” because the nature of product solicitation in the DM means that Silver Sprocket has virtually identical access to catalog and informational resources as any other publisher. They’re also one of the few companies that is distributed by (at least) Diamond as well as Lunar. Pointing to OUTSIDE the DM (“large chains who can reference regional trends”) would seem to me to be incorrect when the best selling Silver Sprocket book shows under 500 copies in BookScan in 2023 – and that includes 100% of sales of “large chains”. Sprocket’s success in the book market (which is not fully represented by BookScan, obviously!) is NOT “large chains”, but in indie stores who don’t have any reporting juice at all. I am ALL FOR Sprocket reporting their store sales, and doing it here on the Beat, but putting any kind of weight on “chains” would appear to be counter-factual in all ways.

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