Stw101Oh no! Soon you will see another beloved comics character as you have never seen him before! That never happened before, either! But it’s not who you think! And we’re not done using exclamation marks!

It’s Salem the cat, Sabrina’s loyal companion from years of Archie Comics!

This March, Salem goes from sidekick to main attraction in a story that kicks off a four-part miniseries-within-a-series starting in SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #101: “YOUNG SALEM”! Only this time, this cool cat isn’t a cat at all!

In SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #93 and #94, Salem’s backstory was explored in the two-part “Salem’s Secret.” That story highlighted a secret which linked Salem to Sabrina in an unexpected way, and explored the repercussions that followed…repercussions which affected everyone in the Magic Realm.

Now, Salem’s early days are explored once more in a special four-issue tale which harkens back to the days when he wasn’t an enchanted feline, but an actual boy wizard! That’s right: in this special storyline we take you back…way back…to when Salem was a little boy! Years later, an ill-conceived plot by Salem will incur the wrath of the leaders of the Magic Realm and lead to his enchanted punishment of spending the rest of his life as a furry feline. The magic begins in SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #101 and continues through issue #104.

Frankly we’re surprised this story wasn’t called “Final Salem” or “Secret Salem” or “Salem Crisis” or some other catchy title. Archie Comics’s efforts to tell the story in four issues also strike us as insufficient. Why could this tale have not been expanded to a company-wide crossover? You’ve got to think big these days.


  1. I’ve seen some of the pencils for this – the art is by Chad Thomas, who did that great “Sea Monsters and Samurai” mini last year, and he’s had some of it up on his blog.

    I think that this has the potential to be one of those rare gems of excellence that comes out of what one might think of as an otherwise consistently boring company. You get ’em with the Disney comics sometimes, with the Barks and Rosa stories, and there’s a chance this might be one of them.