FallCon is a nice regional show held each year in the Midwest — this year, it will be held October 4th and 5th at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, and to really get in the spirit of the thing, the mayor has even made a proclamation!

The honorable Christopher B. Coleman, Mayor of Saint Paul, Minnesota has issued a Mayorial Proclamation declaring “Now, Therefore, I, Christopher B. Coleman, Mayor of the City of Saint Paul, do hereby proclaim Saturday, October 4, 2008, to be: Midwest Comic Book Association Day in the City of St. Paul!”

Congrats to St. Paul for being a forward-looking city which has recognized the art form that is taking over the world.


  1. Fallcon truly is what a comics convention should be like. It’s about comics! What a novel idea.

    It is a great show to attend.

  2. I attended a FallCon just a few short years ago. I had a good time. The show is small enough that you can get through it in a limited time if you only have limited time, yet big enough that you can spend all day. You can usually chat with creators in a leisurely manner.

    Plus there’s no wrestling ring with accompanying loud noise like at Wizard shows.

  3. If you do go to FallCon, look for a very tall, bald creator guy named Alex Ness and ask him to show you his appendix scar.

  4. Another perk of Fallcon: members of the 501st Legion looking for real stormtrooper action can sign up for the St. Paul police academy.

    I kid, but only a little. The Republican Convention’s security was organized by the Secret Service. I doubt that the mayor or local police had much authority to set the tone while policing the protesters. But “I’m just following orders” is a lousy excuse for roughing up journalists and preemptively arresting protesters.

    I’m curious, St. Paul residents: is Chris Coleman honorable under normal circumstances? Do your police have a good reputation otherwise? My only connection to Minnesota comes from reading Neil Gaiman’s blog, so I’m completely ignorant of what it’s like in St. Paul.

  5. Yay!! Minneapolis should take the approach, but Pauly beat em to it!

    There seems to be unnecessary rivalry between Paul and Apple-Iss. Good thing it’s not anything serious.

    Roseville is a nice suburb. It’s right between the two cities, with a good mall along with other places to eat and shop.

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