Saga comic compendium one coverEven though Image’s popular Saga comic is currently on hiatus, there was some recent news about the book: namely that a massive compendium is coming and the full story will span 108 issues.
The compendium will collect all 54 issues of Saga to date. Dubbed Saga: Compendium One, the softcover volume is due Oct. 16. Meanwhile, this all marks the halfway point of the story. Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples revealed this in a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly. They also unveiled Staples’ cover for the volume, pictured here.
Anyway, here’s what Vaughan told the magazine:

“I love Fiona’s new cover, and I’m so proud that these first 54 issues and the last seven years of our work together will be available in one gorgeous and affordable package that you can either binge over a single long vacation, or slowly savor until our series returns. And Fiona and I are excited to finally share with everyone that this compendium represents the first half of our story, a planned 108-issue epic! We’re so grateful to our amazing readers for their support and patience, and we hope this compendium will be the perfect holiday gift to help introduce your loved ones to the continuing adventures of Hazel and her star-crossed family.”

For those who don’t know, Saga is a searingly successful comic. A denizen of indie bookstore shelves nationwide, the comic is also critically acclaimed. Its accolades are many, but most recently it was nominated yet again for a Hugo Award. The book went on hiatus in July, following Saga #54. This came after the series’ most shocking and devastating plot twist to date. No spoilers, but I will note that it’s been a good while since a comic hurt me so badly.
Vaughan and Staples have said the hiatus will run for a year, minimum, citing a need to recharge their creative energies. The compendium coming in October could mean the team is gearing up for a return soon after. Fingers crossed.
Correction: The original version of this article indicated that the Saga Compendium would be published in hardcover. It will actually be softcover. The Beat regrets this error.


  1. Great to have some Saga news – but does anyone know if there’s a release date for Volume 3 of the deluxe editions, which collect 18 issues at a time? I have bought 1 and 2 for my girlfriend and got her into this comic, which is a sentence I never thought I would type!

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