One of the big surprise smashes of 2016, the Ryan Reynolds-starring Deadpool opened up, if not the floodgates, at least some level of conversation among filmmakers regarding placing superhero tentpoles outside of the currently in-vogue Marvel Studios template. While Fox, with efforts like Logan and the upcoming New Mutants, is the only studio that’s really stretching their legs in that territory, Deadpool’s effect may still prove fairly profound, with even DC Films co-head Jon Berg recently citing the creative freedoms afforded it and Logan as a possible way forward for their own solo film slate.

With that said, a Deadpool sequel was a sure bet, and now we finally have our first teaser for the film itself. True to the previous film’s marketing, we’re only really treated to a glimpse of the actual feature, and instead get a extended bit with Ryan Reynolds pulling off a Bob Ross by way of Deadpool impression.

The actual footage pops up right around the end, and we get the briefest of brief glimpses of Zazie Beetz’s Domino and a obscured look at Josh Brolin’s Cable.

A much longer trailer is surely right around the corner. But until then, enjoy Deadpool painting some happy trees!


  1. This trailer made no sense at all. It certainly has nothing to do with the movie. Bob Ross? I’d never heard of him and had to Google him. He died 22 years ago and had a show about painting on PBS. Why in the world would they think that people would know who he is now? Worst trailer I have ever seen.

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