As announced on a livestreamed video feed in which a giant cardboard Ryan North loomed over helpless Anthony Clark and Christopher Hastings, the trio will be producing a Galaga comic for Shiftylook comics.

If you’ve not heard of Shiftylook, I’ll explain a little: the company take classic Namco arcade games like, for example, Dig Dug, and adapt them into other mediums. Comics are one of their primary products at the moment, with several different series available on their website for free right now. According to the livecast, however, they’re also working on a series of cartoon adaptations to be released in 2013.

But back to Galaga. Ryan ‘Dinosaur Comics’ North will write the series, while Chris ‘Dr McNinja’ Hastings draws and Anthony ‘Beartato’ Clark colours.  The series will be set up as 26 digital episodes available via the Shiftylook website, and will launch, quote,  in “the near future”. There is no preview art quite yet, so in lieu of that here is a picture of cardboard Ryan North.

The panel are now currently discussing beards.


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