A couple of comic book passings recently that we were remiss in not noting:

midnighttalesMark Evanier notes the death of Wayne Howard who contributed much work to the Charlton line.

Comic book artist Wayne Howard has died. One of the few African-American comic book artists at the time he broke into the field, Howard learned his craft in the fanzines of the sixties and at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. But he told me he learned most of what he knew about comics from his brief time assisting Wally Wood from 1968 to 1969. (Some sources say ’69 but you can see Wayne’s name hidden all throughout the backgrounds of Captain Action #1, which Wood and his crew produced in 1968.)


The passing of Al Scaduto, artist of They’ll Do It Every Time, one of those timeless panels that make newspapers seem eternal, is noted, most touchingly by Mike Lynch.

Back in 2005, Al told the Gang about The School of Industrial Arts reunion. SIA was founded by four young art teachers in 1936, who built desks from old orange crates and plywood. Even though it’s changed its name to the High School of Art and Design and moved from its former Civil War hospital building to a modern building on Second Avenue, it’s still referred to as SIA by those who graduated. After the graduation ceremony from the High School of Industrial Arts in 1946, Al’s father told him he would starve. That same year, Al started at King Features. By 1948, he became a full time assistant for Ben Dunn, but still found time for lots of other work. A multiple winner of the NCS Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award for the strip, he’s been soloing on They’ll Do It Every Time since 1989. Not bad for a boy from the Bronx!

Also: Evanier, Spurgeon


  1. Debbie Scaduto was my best friend growing up on LI. I remember being at her house so many times and hearing her father’s joyful voice singing “Makin Whoopie” as well as opera. He was a special and loving man. My thoughts and sadness go out to his family.