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Dan Vado comments on the death of Mark Buck, recently killed in a motorcycle accident. Buck was Vado’s collaborator on SAMURAI PENGUIN, an entry in the ’80s “black and white boom.” Buck went on to have a successful career as a model maker for ILM, working on all three recent Star Wars movies and TRANSFORMERS.

This is a sad week for me here in the office as yesterday I found out about the death of one of my friends and first collaborator Mark Buck. Those of you out there who have followed SLG since the beginning will know Mark Buck as the illustrator of our first comic book Samurai Penguin. Before he drew those comics Mark worked for me at A World of Fantasy, the comic book store I owned, and helped me countless other projects for the few years he worked for me.

I first met Mark when he wandered into my comics shop when he was 16 years old and I hired him to work for me shortly after. He was the first non-family person I had ever hired, but after a time he quickly felt like one of the family. He was a good kid who worked hard and who always seemed to be laughing at me. That was a thing about Mark, he always seemed to be able to laugh at things even when he was ranting about someone or something or another.

(Above: Buck and Vado.)