nurpenCartoonist John Blair Moore passed away after a brief illness, according to a post from his daughter on FB.

Moore was a prolific newspaper cartoonist, and wrote and drew Invaders From Home for the experimental DC imprint Piranha Press in the 90s, but was perhaps best known for his Disney work. He wrote numerous stories for Egmont and the US Disney.

I worked with him when I was editing the comics at Disney Adventures and his Darkwing Duck comics were a particular delight, and indeed some were collected in a Boom! edition a few years back.

Moore was an eccentric who insisted on faxing doodles long after email became viable, but his humor was as unique as he was. You can see more of it at his website.

Most recently, he was publishing a daily strip on Facebook called Live Bait–the Chronicles of Drumf. His page is currently given over to memorials, but his last work was just as lively and idiosyncratic as he was.




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