Goodbye, Sophia.


  1. CBR’s blog had a question last week about which old TV shows should be turned into comics, and I said Golden Girls. I was joking at the time, but now I’m not, so anyone who wants to make that happen, call me. It’s only right.

  2. Evie, my step-dad worked on Golden Girls for several years and got two Emmy nominations for it. So, it’s kind of a family tradition.

  3. Seriously? Of all the family legacies to claim, I can honestly say that is among the awesomest I’ve heard. The fact that my high school friends and I looked up to those ladies more than almost anyone else on TV is just one testament to the brilliance of that show. Many kudos to your step-dad.

  4. I have fond memories watching Golden Girls over my grandmother’s house as a kid. Most of the jokes went over my head, so it wasn’t until later years that I could fully appreciate it.. and be a bit weirded out by the dirty old ladies. Estette Getty was amazing. Don’t mess with the crazy Sicilian women. Well, she wasn’t but Sophia was, and I believed it. Heh. And the way she picked on poor Rose. Ha. Such great chemistry on that show.

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