Eleanor Frazetta, business and life partner of her husband, the famed artist Frank, has passed away:

Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Frazetta, the wife of celebrated artist Frank Frazetta, passed away today to be with the Lord after a courageous one-year battle with cancer.

Eleanor Kelly was born in Massachusetts and moved to New York where she married Frank in November, 1956. She acted as his business partner as well as his lifelong companion. Known for her feisty personality as well as her intuitive business acumen, she was instrumental in successfully establishing record prices for Frank’s work throughout her life.

She is survived by her husband Frank, her four children, Frank Jr., Billy, Holly and Heidi, numerous grandchildren, and many friends.

A public memorial is planned and details will be announced shortly. In the meantime, the family requests privacy.


  1. Very sad.. I met her briefly a few years ago, when I made a visit to the Frazetta Museum with a few artist friends.

    She was working the merchandise counter in the Museum. Very charming and very personable. But you got the sense that she was also very business savvy. And never missed an opportunity to promote & celebrate her husband’s artwork..

    My condolences go out to the entire Frazetta family!

  2. As I mentioned on my FB, when I started working w/ Joe L. some 14 years ago, I heard more than once from people that I was his “Ellie Frazetta” – usually when negotiating over a price of original art. Later I was informed this was supposed to be taken as, I’m a bit of a bitch. As I learned more about how close the relationship was between her & Frank, & Frank’s work, I’ve since decided it’s an honor. Goodbye, Ms. Frazetta.

    RIP Eleanor Frazetta; condolences Frank Frazetta & family.

  3. So sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine what the Frazetta family is going through. She was definitely the perfect soulmate for Mr. Frazetta.

    Condolences to her family.

  4. My deepest Condolences to the Frazetta family.

    Ellie Frazetta was a true bright light.
    Her adroit business acumen raised awareness of the true value of
    her husband’s Fantasy art, and in effect helped to create the entire comic-art market place. Any artist in the field owes her a direct debt of thanks.

  5. My condolences to her family.
    On a more personal note, I met her three years ago on a trip to the museum. She was so pleasant. We really hit it off during the three short hours that I was there. Funny to remember this, but I ended up giving her my earrings. I feel very fortunate to have that memory.

  6. I’m quite surprised by this. Considering Mr. Frazetta’s health, I think many of us believed Ellie would outlive him by several years.

    I wonder what this will mean for attending the museum. She was usually the one who greeted visitors on weekends.

  7. For Eleanor and The Frazetta Family
    Thanks for the letters and being part of my life long inspiration to paint, be free and creative and follow my dreams. Was looking forward to meeting you and Frank in a few weeks. I’ll miss you. ~BOONE

    This is very shocking to me indeed. Will someone please keep me informed of the Public Memorial?

  8. I met Ellie last year at the Frazetta Museum. She was feisty, had great stories to share, and definitely had a head for business. She was gracious with her time in spite of family emergencies that needed attention. I did not have an opportunity to meet Frank which was my initial goal when I made the pilgrimage to their estate, but meeting Ellie captured the spirit of it all.
    I had no idea she had cancer nor did she ever allude to any issues with her health. She was more focused on her family and the business of the museum.
    Healing to the family.

  9. My sincere condolences to the Frazetta family. Having met Ellie more than a half dozen times at two locations of the Frazetta Museum since 1986, I will always remember her as having complete conviction and support of her husband. While purchasing the limited edition, ‘Cat Girl”, she threw in another print that she had Frank personally autograph for me. Ellie was generous with her time as well. God bless you, Ellie.

  10. Holly,
    My heartfelt condolences to you, your father and the family.
    I will always treasure my conversations with her.
    The warmth that she gave through her comments on God, family, life and the other side if life will always be remembered.
    She was a sweetheart. God will always bless Mrs. Frazetta.

  11. I never met her like most of the memories here but had heard of her. People at conventions would speak of her as the woman behind the man. As someone who has enjoyed Mr. Frazettas work I mourn the loss with him and send him some of my strength to make it through this bad time. where two hearts are bound nothing, not even death will tear them apart. This is not the end but the beginning of a new journey.

  12. Ellie angered many collectors over the years, but her financial acumen kept Frank from giving away the family jewels.

    My condolences to the Frazetta family.

  13. I only know her through the video “Painter of Fire,” a Frank Frazetta documentary, but I can tell you, I’m devastated. What a wonderful woman, and what a wonderful family. My deepest heartfelt sympathies and support go out to the her family and friends.

  14. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Ellie a couple times at the museum. She was more than happy to talk to me for hours about the life that Frank and she shared. Ellie is a beautiful and gracious woman who will be missed by many.
    All my best to the Frazetta Family

  15. I’m very sad to here this about Ellie, I had the pleasure of meeting her and Frank several times when I use to go to the old museum she a wounderful person to just sit and chat with, I know she will be missed by all.

    My best to the Frazetta Family

  16. ….it seems many of you had similar experinces to mine.

    I’m just a fan, Frazetta, BWS, Jones, Kaluta, Wrightson, et. al.

    I was working in a comic shop in State College, PA, during the early 80’s, and someone came in and sold us some “original” Frazetta Art. I got suspicious, and on a whim, I called the Frazetta’s, and left a message.

    Ellie didn’t know me from Adam, but she called back and ended up talking to me on the phone for over an hour, giving me an “education” on what was fake, and what was not, out there on the market regarding her Husband’s work.

    A few years later, I actually got to visit the Museum with my brother and a couple of friends. She spent at least 3 hours, with just us, told us many engaging stories about her husband, his work, etc., and she took out the “secret” stash, to show us stuff that had up until that time, never been out of the closet. She also gave me a great deal on the “Cat Girl” special print, as another poster mentioned above. I remember coming away from that time thinking: not only is she a great business lady, but also, clearly, her Husband’s number One Fan!

    A few months later, my brother was killed in a Car Wreck, and I was due to go visit Ellie that day, and I had to call her, to tell her why I couldn’t come out; she was so gracious and kind when she heard about my brother, she was an amazing lady.

    Finally, I decided to take some other friends to see the museum, and for some reason, I just assumed it was open on a Sunday morning, so I just showed up.

    When I got there, it was not open, but the Foyer was open, and there was a phone on a table with a number to call.

    I stupidly thought it would ring up a caretaker, or something like that, who could let us in.

    Unbelieveably, Ellie herself answered, and it was obvious that I had just woken her up!

    20min later, at about 9am on a Sunday morning, Ellie was giving me and my friends a pesonally guided tour thru the Museum….AGAIN!

    I felt guilty as hell, and stupid!

    Anyway, that was the last time I saw or talked to Ellie; I always felt so guilty about that, I didn’t want to impose on her generosity any more.

    Ellie was a great person, seriously; and I’m sure, that not only her family, but Frank, are just devastated.

    RIP Ellie, and thank you for the kindnesses you extended to me!

  17. I too had the pleasure of meeting Ellie at the gallery about 2 years ago, and told her how much I felt we fans owed her for preserving and promoting her husband’s work and legacy. No artist ever had a better wife and partner!
    She was definitely feisty and had strong opinions, but I was impressed with how seriously she took her work in meeting, greeting and running the store. No guest was unworthy of her attention. When I didn’t have enough cash to make a $100 purchase, she graciously offered to let me send in the money afterward, when she didn’t know me from Adam.
    My condolences to her family, it is a terrible loss for us all.

  18. Like many of you, I am a lifelong fan of Frank Frazetta and finally had the chance to visit his museum a couple of years ago where I met Ellie. I literally sat on the floor and made her tell me stories about her and Frank. It was truly an honor. After the museum closed, I continued our conversation her, her sister and her brother-in-law and even showed her some of my work. As we said our goodbyes, I gave her a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. It was a very special day for me.

  19. Mr. Frazetta, Please accept our deepest condolences, We are deeply saddened by the news of Ellie,s passing. I had the enormous pleasure of talking with her on the phone one afternoon, and later thought, WOW! That guy got Lucky!………..

  20. Behind every legendary artist, there is a legendary wife making sure everything runs as well as it can. Just as a Frazetta fan I could see that Ellie was one of the finest.

  21. i visited the Frazetta museum once, several years ago. Ellie talked to me for almost two hours about the artwork. She was a wonderful person. Beautiful. God bless her and her family.

  22. While visiting the museum with my 9yr old daughter Mrs Frazetta sat at the desk and talked to her while I browesed the gallery. She treated my daughter with such kindness as if she were her own. That day will live as one of my best. A few weeks late a letter arrived with an original ink sketch I purchased speaking highly of our visit and her fondness of meeting my daughter. We will never forget her kindness. God bless all of the Frezettas. My family sends all their condolances.

  23. If not for Ellie, the world may never have known about the greatness of Frank. My deepest gratitude and condolences to the Frazetta family.

  24. Sorry to hear the news. I am very saddened. When i went to the website and noticed it was under construction, a feared the worst. I didn’t realize it was that bad. I figured maybe Frank was ill; possibly Ellie. Again, I am very sorry for your loss.



  25. I am so sorry. I had a trip planned from California to Pennsylvania for the sole purpose of seeing the Frazetta museum there on their property. At the age of forty, I have begun to realize how much I owe to Frank and his work. Ellie was the love of his life and his inspiration and I feel very saddened to hear she has passed away. Frank’s art not only inspired my imagination but it also hooked me into buying my first science fiction novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Whenever I visited my grandfather’s house in the late seventies, I would drive down to Mendocino and buy the next book in the John Carter of Mars books. Magazine covers, Molly Hatchet albums, you name it…if it had Franks art, I was interested. All because I was hooked on the cover art. In a way, it was the spark that created my lifelong addiction for great science fiction writing and fantasy. Not to mention his masterful artwork. I imagine Ellie must have been Frank’s spark. By all accounts a sweet and special woman.

    To all of his family, my deepest condolences.


    Joseph Dutra
    Sacramento, CA

  26. I have had the pleasure to be invited over a couple of times by Frank and Ellie and was made very welcome. They were wonderful and very outgoing. I was going to call her to arrange another gallery visit when I got an email informing me of the sad news. She spent a lot of time on my behalf and a group of students I introduced to Franks work. Tho the gallery was not open at that time in the winter, she made an exception and opened it for the class. That was a golden day for the gang and they still talk of that special treatment.
    A true pleasure to have had the privilege to have got to know her on those visits. Thank you Ellie. I know you were special. And you made me feel welcome.
    My deepest condolences to Frank and the Frazetta family.

  27. I am so saddened to hear about the passing of Ellie Fazetta. When I visited the opening of Frank’s art gallery, Ellie made us feel so welcome. Over dinner she watched over my new born son so that I could spend time with Frank. She was a beautiful warm human being who offered us a place to stay if we ever decided to make the trip from the UK again. She shared funny stories of her early courtship with Frank and often teased him with these tales, it was a magical day. We all know how much she did to preserve Frank’s work and the strong undeniable love they had for one and other. My deepest heart felt condolences goes out to Frank and all the family.

  28. I was another unannounced visitor to the Frank Frazetta museum and I will always cherish the personal tour Ellie gave me. I purchased a copy of Testament there which I asked her sign. That signed book means even more to me now. My heartfelt condolences to the Frazetta family.

  29. I’ve never met her, and now I only wish I had. It seems almost bitter sweet a friend recently offered to introduce me to Mr. Frazetta.

    All I know of Mrs. Frazetta is what I’ve read and what is on film in “Frazetta: Painting with Fire.” It is a true loss, in the worst way, to lose one’s companion. My sincere condolences to Mr. Frazetta and his family.

  30. We both want to wish the entire Frazetta family as well as the Kelly’s, our deepest condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sorrowful time.

  31. like most of the people commenting here, i met ellie frazetta when i visited the musuem. i had my wife and infant son with me and he took an instant liking to him. because her and my wife and son became fast friends she went over to the house and insisted frank come out to speak with me. frank frazetta came over and shook my hand, as she watched talking to my 2 year old son. that he agreed to a photograph standing with me and my son anthony was the icing on the cake.what a sweet woman and i wish the frazetta well.

  32. My most heart felt sympathies go out to the Frazetta family at this time. I first spoke with Ellie in my early 20’s as a illustration student as I planned a trip to the museum while I visited NYC. Unfortunatley it never happened, but I soon moved to NYC and soon met Ellie. What a wonderful woman. She spoke to me and my wife for nearly 2 hours. What a support for Frank as well. Their work in promoting Frank’s work has had a bigger influence in my life than any other artist. So I thank them both for being so sharing with their time and talents. God bless and to the Frazetta’s, know that you’ll see you wife and mother again someday. A fantastic woman!

  33. The memories go all the way back to the daily tea party at 4pm with yodels apple juice and discussion about my stuffed teddy named Angel bear. Grandma Frazetta would sit with me for endless hours listening to stories I would make up. She made me a secret garden under her large pine tree and would sit and watch my cousins and me play. She taught me to cook, act like a lady, and most importantly, motivated me to become a woman with knowledge and power. I love you Grandma. Thank you for all that you provided me in your life.
    I know you loved me with all your heart and will never forget your sweet little boston accent calling my name “Sarrraaahh Annnn!!!!”when I wasn’t quite proper enough for my little poodle’s standards ;-)
    Ill see you again someday Grandma

  34. The first time I met Ellie I told her I was a missionary from Japan and she sat down and told me about her Bible reading. We had a great conversation and posed together standing on either side of Masai Lion Hunt. That lead to my requesting a picture of a male lion when I discovered that Frank would do a sketch of a big cat in the deluxe version of Testament. I have that sketch and the photo as memories of chatting with Ellie the first time.
    I got to meet Ellie again, and last year I went to the museum twice, on Saturday and again on Sunday. On Saturday she gave me the tour pointing out Biblical themes in Frank’s art (the angel Gabriel blowing his horn in Sound for example). She said God was working on Frank subconsciously.
    On Sunday I came over again late in the day with my wife and two daughters. Ellie waved away my admission fee but then she was busy talking to Frank Jr. I took my family on a tour of the paintings. Later Ellie said that we could go over to the studio for a quick “hello” with Frank. I was walking on cloud nine and I think my girls (ages 6 and 8) were a little daunted to be sitting in the studio. The younger one noted there were “lots of cameras.” After a short stay for a couple of pictures we were back in the museum. Ellie generously gave my daughters books from the store. I told her I had prepped them for the visit by looking over the paintings in the art books and telling them there are monsters but they’re not scary, and artists paint people naked. It’s nothing to get excited about. It turned out my six and eight year old liked the painting Las Vegas the best. I was telling Ellie about that and she related the story of a group of cub scouts who had come to the museum. There was some snickering from the group so Ellie told them, “You all came into this world naked, and that is the way we’ll leave it.” Their scout leader said she was glad that Ellie handled it so well.
    The last thing Ellie told my daughters that day was, “Remember, the most important thing is to have Jesus in your heart.” Then we left and stood out by the lake for a little bit. That was one of the big days in my fifty some years of life, and I want to say, Thank you so much, Ellie. I’ll look forward to chatting to you again some day. But I miss you and visiting the museum won’t be the same without you.


  35. I am saddened to learn of the passing of Mrs. Ellie Frazetta.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Frazetta last year when I visited the Frazetta art museum. While I was admiring the paintings, she gave me insights on some of Mr. Frazetta’s works, and how he was inspired to create some of them. I found her to be a kind and gracious lady.

    I had visited the museum several times before last year. Mrs. Frazetta suggested I bring some of my artwork for her to look at on my next visit. She enjoyed talking to artists who were inspired by Mr. Frazetta’s work. I brought a few pieces with me and she was gracious enough to give me HONEST advise on how to improve my artwork.

    I also had brought my 10 year old son with me, and Mrs. Frazetta gave him some advise, and asked him to draw her a picture.

    I found her to be a kind and gentle lady.
    My heart goes out to Mr. Frazetta, and his family.

  36. We are so saddened to hear of the passing of Ellie. Our hearts go out to your family. May the peace and and comfort of God be with you all. Carol & Ed Vallad and family. Standish, Michigan.

  37. As a big fan of Frank’s, my wife and I visited the museum a couple of years ago. It blew my mind that she herself was very much present and so personable. I think she talked with everybody that was there that day. I was having a wonderful moment in my life, talking with the “master’s” wife….until I asked her what i thought to be an innocent enough question.
    I was buying some prints and asked her if there were any, or why weren’t there any prints of what is one of my favorites of his “Alien Crucifixion.” Not knowing at the time that she was a devout catholic, I proceeded to find out that she and Frank had fought over this painting. She hated it and informed me that there would NEVER be any sort of print of that painting EVER!!! Well, feeling crushed and thinking she was going to have me kicked out this shrine, I apologized and we kept a very low profile the rest of the time we were there. I’m pretty sure I put her in a bad mood at least for a while, I can totally picture her going into the house and bitching at Frank for painting that picture decades ago…I like to think and hope she got over that quickly.

    Hey, can’t say I didn’t make an impression, anyway!

    She was a very strong, sweet, nice lady and I’ll always cherish that memory of meeting her. I hope Frank and her kids/grandkids are getting on ok. She will be missed, she was a very special lady.


  39. I never got to meet Mrs. Frazetta but I’ve always loved Mr. Frazetta’s artwork for years.I’ve always wanted to go see the museum but have never had the chance to.To Mr. Frazetta my heart goes out to you I know your world is in pieces now and I know you will never get over not having her in your life. Hopefully your children can help keep your heart at peace till you can be with her again. My prayers go out to you and yours.

  40. Hi a am one of the grand children I miss my grandma very much. She told me to finish my art. I take after Frank she told me have his art abilty and now I see that i will do as she wanted me to do and I believe im the next fank frazetta I Will start showing the world what I CAN DO SHORTLY. But for now I will keep my art in private.

  41. Ellie was the best Comic Book Art Creator’s Wife ever, and was a real nice looking Perfect Northern Period Young Woman in th Past; and was loved, and will be missed dearly by the Great Comic Art Creator Frank Frazetta.

  42. I would just like to extend my sincerest sympathies. I met Mrs. Frazetta at the Museum four years ago when I was 18 years old. Mr. frazetta was not well that day and she spent time with me and my family discuss his as well as my artwork. She was uplifting and kind and honest and open.
    She said she could tell that I had “it” and asked my mother if I was ready to take care of him for the rest of her life>>>>>to which my mother replied …no…he has my support but he has to find a woman to take care of him and share that with …just like Mrs Frazetta did with her husband and his passion. I have remembered that meeting frequently and am thankful for it. I truly feel an emptiness when finding out that she has passed on. I Wish Mr. Frazetta and the Frazetta family -peace.
    Michael Carbonaro

  43. My name is Joann fijak,
    I would like to share my memories and thoughts of
    Mrs Ellie Frazetta.
    Our first conversation took place In January 2004.
    I had looked up the Frazetta’s listing and found both their numbers. One for there home and the other for the museum.
    Imagine my surprise when she answered the phone. It was their home number. I apologized and she said’ not to worry’, and asked me “why I had called. So explained my husband was a fan since childhood and was an employed illustrator himself. I explained how important visiting the castle was to me for him I wanted to please Tim (he’s my husband) Tim is my soulmate, and my true love. But being married and a catholic. I was bound by my promise, So I stayed due to circumstances I will not mention with the wrong man. She listened to every word I said. She truly empathized with me for what I lived through for so many years. She was genuinely joyful that we reunited twenty years later; and wasn’t surprised to find out that it was was my 16 year old daughter Athena who found him. Athena wanted to know why I was so sad. I told her the truth. She wanted the best for her mom no matter what.
    So with that in mind. Tim and I married in the spring of 2004. I surprised him with one of her husbands canvas prints, a partial wedding day gift. We married exactly 21 years from the day I knew I loved him. Ellie Realizing how much it meant to me to surprise him with a trip to the museum. It was meant to be the second part of my gift for him. That gave Ellie the idea to suggest a few of hotels in the area we could look into for staying over that weekend. From then on our conversations continued here and there for awhile over a couple of months. In one of them she shared with me that due to illness she may not open the museum so early that season. But she did!!! Buy pure perseverance. That was Ellie. She never quit or gave into what life tossed her way. Ellie is a force of nature. I am truly blessed to have know her and She will always be a special person for what time she gave me. So the day finally came to pass and
    as we drove up the driveway we noticed Ellie sitting out on pouch. Just waiting for her guest and reading a book the sun. What struck me first was Her hair shinning in the morning light. It looked so beautiful to me. l felt a mixture of tears and joy that day. Just knowing she was OK and able to open the doors to their castle and share a day with us gave me great joy. Not just for myself but for her. I knew how much effort and determination it took. She told me so.
    Oh how wonderful it was .Their we were. Tim and I. We spent the whole day with her. Other admires of Frank’s work visited that day also and Ellie politely excused herself and spent time with her guest making all of them feel so special. I say again she had away about her, Ellies way. Tim and I took our time taking viewing the art along with the atmosphere, watching her flow with such ease and grace, sharing little stories about the art and her Frank.(It wouldn’t surprise me at all If she has a construction site and a crew in the works building a baseball field in paradise just for her honey).
    So the day went on we spoke of this and that. At one point in conversation she mentioned Mr.Frazetta was not feeling well and it was clear she was worried about him.
    Yet she continued in her routine. As I watched I realized there could never be another soul like Ellie Frazetta.
    Her spirit was for her family, her heart belonged to frank. Her Grace and Faith for God was shone in the way she embraced humanity. I could see it so clearly, all she felt showed in her eyes. She amazed me and encouraged me to write my book as though she knew something I did not quite understand just yet. But that was Ellie . During the short time we spent together Ellie shared with me some helpful insight about being married to an artist She said” Jo-Ann be patient with Tim cause he’s way out there”. It made us all laugh. And now a days Tim reminds me when ever he feels it necessary. Of those words spoken in true form by a women who knew. Back to our visit Mrs. Frazetta noticed, while examining my husbands creative abilities that he had neglected to sign his signature on some of his work. She jumped on that real quick making him insure her that from then on he would do so.
    I found myself thinking at that point “people would Love this women or totally dislike her” The LADY was the real deal. I could see the sparkle the fire in that moment. She meant it to. Just watching her let him know how important it was.I had another image pop in my head then. I in visioned her dealing with the those who desired to commission Frank for his talent. I could see the business side of her in the flash of an eye. loved her for it.
    I didn’t want the day to end….. It didn’t i realize that now the sun may have set that day But it rose again the next morning.As for me I will always see Ellie sitting in the morning sun waiting for us to come up the drive.
    May peace be with all of her family and all who had the chance to Know Mrs. Ellie Frazetta. She is one of Gods Gracious Gifts and we are all the better for having met her and loved her.

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