Although we can find no official confirmation, it is being widely reported that Eduardo Barreto has died, presumably of complications from the illness he has been fighting since 2010. He was 57.

The Uruguayan artist was a staple of ’80s comics with work on NEW TEEN TITANS, ATARI FORCE, The Shadow, Batman, and many other comics. He also worked extensively for Claypool Comics. In 2006 he started drawing the comics strip Judge Parker but was forced to give it up in 2010 when he became ill with meningitis. He has some work in an upcoming issue of DARK HORSE PRESENTS.
Hugo Strange Final.jpg


As you can see from the art reproduced here, Barreto was…one of the best. Classic draftsmanship combined with inventiveness and drama.



  1. Sad to learn about the passing of this very underrated artist. My first exposure to his work was through THE NEW TEEN TITANS (Vol.2) and I keep hoping DC will collect his run in some form. Rest In Peace.

  2. An incredible talent, gone far too soon. His work never failed to impress.

    My condolences to his friends and family.

  3. I interned at Tekno*Comix and got to work a bit with him. He did some amazing work throughout his career and when I did have the chance to talk to him over the phone he was truly one of the nicest people. He indulged me in going on and on about how much I liked his Shadow work. He will be missed by his fans and his family.

  4. Very sad news. I’ve always liked his art and he was a very nice guy as well. I had the privilege of inking a few of his MIKE DANGER issues, not that he needed an inker. He was terrific at that, too!

  5. This is a real shame. He was one of my favorite superhero artists and truly underrated. His art was always clear and solidly-drawn which are under-appreciated qualities nowadays.

  6. Very sad news. Was a fan of his before getting into the business and was very lucky to get to ink him on a Lady Blackhawk story a few years back. I hadn’t known him at the time, but he came to my booth at San Diego, of course when I’d stepped away, to tell me how much he’d liked my inks. My boothmates, all being artists, too, were thrilled to meet him. Fortunately I did get to meet him the next year, and we swapped emails from time to time. A very nice guy, very humble about his talents. I’ll miss him and his work.

  7. Eduardo Barreto was one of my favorite contemporary comic artists and I’ve been much inspired by his work. Particularily those DC prestige format editions of Lex Luthor, Martian Manhunter, etc. He was a master draughtsman with a very direct style of storytelling, and a superior eye for detail. A tremendous talent.

  8. I was so sad to hear this news. Eduardo will always be remembered by me as a gifted creator, a sensitive soul, and a true gentleman always.

    The first image of Hugo Strange you have under your news article was created by Eduardo for me. It was set up before he was stricken with meningitis. Once he fell ill I was worried for his health more than anything else and assumed the art would never be completed. To my surprise Eduardo contacted me in September of 2010 raring to go to complete the piece. I received it from him roughly one year ago. He was always a true professional and a caring soul. He has left us so much to remember him by and he will be sorely missed.

  9. How can we not remember Barreto’s great masterpieces. He not only did great covers but his talent was unlimited. I still keep some originals from one of his first works “El Halcon Poderoso”…I’ll be sharing those soon as it was one of his early gifts to our comics loving community.

  10. The work he finished from his hospital room, “Superman in the 1970s” is a fantastic send-up to the Curt Swan/Schwartz-era Man of Steel, and Barreto’s art really compliments the mood. Truly an Action Ace to his last.

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