Annie Goetzinger, a grand dame of French comics has passed away suddenly at the age of 66. NBM’s Terry Nantier, who published two of her books in English, Girl in Dior and Marie Antoinette, Phantom Queen, remembers her on his blog:

I’m in shock. She looked in perfect health with many more productive years ahead of her, but the author of Girl in Dior, one of our bestsellers and an exquisite triumph for her, is no longer with us…

She was one of the pioneer women in comics in France well-known ever since the seventies. Her work was always  elegant, even when she did more erotic work which she did not shy away from. In person, she emanated that same sense of style and elegance.

NBM has one more book by Goetzinger to publish in 2018, a biography of Collette. The below is from The Girl in Dior.


Goetzinger’s work was known for its fashion sense and beauty, but she was also a hell of a storyteller.


And as Nantier said, a woman of elegance.




  1. She died, as several French sources note, of endometrial cancer so her death though sad was not unexpected. She’s been ill for some time now.

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