By Steve Morris

In an interview with CBR, writer Rick Remender has confirmed that his ‘Final Execution’ arc of Uncanny X-Force will be his last on the title. Whether this leads to the book being cancelled and relaunched is anybody’s guess, although the most interesting news comes via Remender’s choice of words in the interview.

Rather than saying there’s a replacement creative team, Remender states that there are incoming teams taking over the stories. Which, although an extraordinarily specific assumption, does suggest that the book could be splitting into two titles once Remender leaves. One would remain Uncanny X-Force, while the other would be a spin-off.  There have been some suggestions that Wolverine will keep one X-Force team while either Cyclops or Magneto handle another one, which would obviously all hinge upon how AvX finishes. ‘X-Force’ as a title has real selling power for Marvel right now, so it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility.

Marvel seem to be cancelling like for like in their NOW restructure, with books being cancelled in order to relaunch them. With the release of four new teasers last week, that suggests four titles will end in December in order to be replaced in December/January with either relaunches or new titles. This also means therefore that the new creative team for Uncanny X-Force would be either Dennis Hopeless/Salvador Larroca, Sam Humphries/Ron Garney, Daniel Way/Steve Dillon, or Dennis Hopeless/Kev Walker.

However, there is one final suggestion: all of these writers will be working on Uncanny X-Force, as rotating creative teams. 



  1. Weird choice to keep it going. Uncanny X-Force succeeds completely on Remender’s stellar writing. I don’t know what other writer could get me to keep buying a book starring Wolverine and Deadpool. Maybe Mark Waid.

  2. Oy. You lost me at Daniel Way. He’s on my ‘Cease Purchasing Immediately’ list with Chuck Austin and Jeph Loeb.

    Remender is absolutely the heart and soul of why UXF has worked so well, the same way Peter David IS X-Factor. I’m thinking this’ll be a great jumping-off point.

  3. I try my hardest to fight it, but I’m turning into one of those bitter “fans” who can only complain.

    Because all I see here is another creator at the absolute top of his game on an X-book… being moved to and Avengers book to prop up Marvel’s favorite franchise.

  4. What am I missing about Remender? While I don’t read any of the X-Books, I’m finding his run on Secret Avengers to be pretty lifeless…

    It can’t all be editorial on that book, can it?

  5. (Totally forgot he is already doing Secret Avengers. See? Bitter Internet fan. Still, haven’t heard anything anywhere half as positive about his A-work as almost everyone considers his X-work, and yet he’s leaving the X.)

  6. Steve –
    It’s not just you, his Secret Avengers hasn’t been as good. While part of that is on him, he did also have to drop all his storyarcs and half his characters after like three issues so they could do those stupid AVX tie in issues.

  7. The second series new team is terrible. Its an all Psylocke book now. Spiral? Storm? Puck?
    Spiral vs. Psyloke Round 10,000,000,000,000,000,000

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