Back when it started, Rick and Morty was the show that adrift Community devotees flocked to for their weekly dose of Dan Harmon humor. Over the years though, the show has become a cultural phenomenon, spanning three seasons, a coast-to-coast tour, a horrendously misguided Szechuan sauce promotion, a Pokemon-esque video game, and more. Realizing that they’ve struck gold in an increasingly crowded media landscape, today the show’s network, Adult Swim, announced that they have ordered 70 new episodes of Rick and Morty.

Presently, Rick and Morty has aired 31 episodes, so this new episode order will more than triple the size of the series run. The massive renewal is a bold move, but a well reasoned one. Rick and Morty‘s recent season three finale drew the highest number of viewers for any show in Adult Swim’s history.

Rick and Morty co-creators Harmon and Justin Roiland took to Instagram to celebrate the news:

Nothing this big has ever been seen in my shower

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Furthermore, Adult Swim recently put the Rickmobile back on the road, announcing a new tour that will see the show-themed tour bus bring Rick and Morty merch to cities across the US. You’ll even be able to catch it at San Diego Comic-Con.

It remains to be seen whether this monumental series order will change the size of the show’s seasons, which currently each clock in at about 10 episodes. But if the size of each season remains the same as those of previous ones, then today’s announcement all but confirms that we’ll still be watching Rick and Morty by the time global warming sinks New York City.